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The First 100 Days

All eyes are on President Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House.

The People's Climate March Is About More Than Just The Environment

By Lauren Stephenson | April 29, 2017

The main march in Washington, D.C., starts at the U.S. Capitol and is slated to travel to the White House and the Washington Monument.

Trump Seeks To Reinvigorate His Base With A Speech At The NRA

By Grant Suneson | April 28, 2017

President Trump emphasized the Second Amendment and border security in a speech to the NRA.

Patagonia Is Going After Trump For His National Monument Plans

By Lauren Stephenson | April 27, 2017

Its CEO called President Trump's executive order to review national monument designations "hypocritical" and "unprecedented."

Has President Trump Delivered On His 100-Day Contract With Voters?

By Eugene Daniels | April 27, 2017

In October 2016, Donald Trump signed a contract with the American voter. Has he delivered?

What You Should Know About Trump's Tax Reform Plan

By Lauren Stephenson | April 26, 2017

For starters, your tax return form would definitely be shorter.

Trump Helps Release American Aid Worker Jailed In Egypt

By Lauren Stephenson | April 21, 2017

Aid worker Aya Hijazi, her Egyptian husband and several colleagues were arrested in Cairo in May 2014.

What's With The Obsession With The President's First 100 Days?

By Eugene Daniels | April 19, 2017

You have our 32nd president to thank.

Georgia's Special Election Isn't Over Yet

By Ryan Biek | April 19, 2017

Democrat Jon Ossoff won the first round of voting but didn't get the 50 percent of votes necessary to avoid a runoff.

US Didn't Have Its Aircraft Carrier Anywhere Near North Korea

By Lauren Stephenson | April 18, 2017

The U.S. Navy announced April 9 it was moving the USS Carl Vinson strike group north to position in the western Pacific. But it moved south.

The Trump Administration Won't Release White House Visitor Logs

By Lauren Stephenson | April 14, 2017

It made the announcement Friday, just days after several ethics and watchdog groups sued for access to the records.

White House Won't Say If Trump Ordered Use Of 'Mother Of All Bombs'

By Lauren Stephenson | April 13, 2017

President Trump has given commanders in some situations more power to order strikes without first getting his approval.

Here's What Trump Can Do To Obamacare Even Without Congress

By Eugene Daniels | April 13, 2017

The administration has a lot of power to change the Affordable Care Act — for better or worse.

President Trump Says NATO Is 'No Longer Obsolete'

By Lauren Stephenson | April 12, 2017

He said he had a "productive" meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House on Wednesday.

This Is 'A Low Point' In US-Russian Relations

By Lauren Stephenson | April 12, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he made that comment to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with him Wednesday.

US Treasury Secretary Says Syria Will Face More Sanctions

By Lauren Stephenson | April 8, 2017

The sanctions are the Trump administration's latest response to the recent chemical attack on civilians in Syria.

Bannon's Influence Over Trump Might Be Fading

By Lauren Stephenson | April 7, 2017

President Trump's chief strategist has reportedly clashed with Trump's senior adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner.

UN Ambassador Haley Says US Is 'Prepared To Do More' About Syria

By Lauren Stephenson | April 7, 2017

Her comments came fewer than 24 hours after the U.S. retaliated for a chemical attack on Syrian civilians.

What To Expect From Trump's Meeting With Chinese President

By Lauren Stephenson | April 6, 2017

The two-day meeting will take place at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The Little-Known Law Letting Trump Repeal Obama's Regulations

By Lauren Stephenson | April 5, 2017

The White House says the Congressional Review Act has allowed President Trump to keep his campaign promise to roll back regulations.

What A Trump-China Trade War Could Mean

By Eugene Daniels | April 5, 2017

Even as some businesses would benefit from a drop in Chinese competition, consumers would see higher prices across the board.

Cloture And The Nuclear Option: What To Know About The Gorsuch Vote

By Lauren Stephenson | April 4, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday evening he filed cloture on Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Trump Signs Two New Executive Orders On Trade

By Matt Picht | March 31, 2017

The executive orders are aimed at re-examining how the U.S. trades with other nations.

NYT: Nunes Got Surveillance Claims From White House Officials

By Matt Picht | March 30, 2017

A new report says White House staff helped Rep. Devin Nunes view the classified reports behind claims of U.S. surveillance of President Trump's team.

Human Rights Campaign: 'We Can Still Move Forward' Despite Trump

By Eugene Daniels | March 30, 2017

"We'll continue to put our all into moving equality forward while defending our progress," spokeswoman Sarah McBride told Newsy.

Trump's Travel Ban Gets Support From 13 States

By Matt Picht | March 27, 2017

Twelve state attorneys general and one governor filed an amicus brief supporting the Trump administration in a legal battle over its travel ban.

House Intel Chairman Met Trump Surveillance Source Near White House

By Matt Picht | March 27, 2017

Rep. Devin Nunes says he learned of incidental U.S. surveillance of the Trump transition team at a secret meeting on White House grounds.

Democrats' Obamacare Celebrations Might Be Short-Lived

By Matt Picht | March 24, 2017

Republicans failed to pass a replacement for Obamacare, but the health care political fight is still far from over.

GOP Pulls Obamacare Replacement Bill After Failing To Muster Votes

By Matt Picht | March 24, 2017

Speaker Paul Ryan suspended the vote on the American Health Care Act after too many Republicans defected.

Trump's Treasury Secretary Isn't Worried About AI Stealing Jobs

By Lauren Stephenson | March 24, 2017

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was asked about artificial intelligence's impact on jobs during an Axios event Friday.

In Lower Courts, Trump Could Reshape The Judiciary From The Ground Up

By Eugene Daniels | March 24, 2017

And much of our legal guidance comes from those lower courts.

House Intel Committee Leads Split Over Trump Surveillance

By Lauren Stephenson | March 22, 2017

It stems from the chairman's comments that U.S. intelligence "incidentally collected" information about Trump transition members.

Former Trump Campaign Chief Promoted Russia's Interests, Report Says

By Eugene Daniels | March 22, 2017

Documents uncovered by the Associated Press show Paul Manafort outlined a strategy to promote Vladimir Putin's global agenda.

Anti-Muslim Activist Says She Had A Meeting At The White House

By Lauren Stephenson | March 21, 2017

ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel tweeted photos of what she called a "productive" visit to the White House on Tuesday.

Schwarzenegger Trolls Trump On Approval Ratings, Proposed Budget Cuts

By Lauren Stephenson | March 21, 2017

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted another video message to President Trump on Monday.

White House Defends Trump's Golf Outings As Business Trips

By Lauren Stephenson | March 20, 2017

Before becoming president, Donald Trump was a vocal critic of then-President Obama's visits to the golf course.

FBI Director Shoots Down Trump's Unproven Wiretapping Claims

By Eugene Daniels | March 20, 2017

During a House Intelligence Committee hearing, James Comey said he had no information to support President Trump's wiretapping claims.

Justice Department Hands Over Report On Trump's Wiretap Claims

By Lauren Stephenson | March 17, 2017

Congressional committees requested any information the department had that was related to President Trump's allegations.

Trump Tried To Bond With Merkel Over Unproven Wiretapping Claims

By Lauren Stephenson | March 17, 2017

The two leaders have many differences, but the president said — without evidence — they've both been wiretapped by the Obama administration.

It Might Be Their First Meeting, But Trump And Merkel Have A History

By Lauren Stephenson | March 16, 2017

President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel don't always see eye to eye, and sometimes, it's gotten personal.

Former Acting CIA Director Doubts Trump-Russia Collusion

By Lauren Stephenson | March 16, 2017

"There is smoke, but there is no fire," former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell said, according to NBC News.

Trump Reportedly Asks State Dept. For 50 Percent Cut To UN Funding

By Matt Picht | March 13, 2017

About 22 percent of the U.N.'s regular budget comes from the U.S.

Your Microwave Can't Spy On You ... Yet.

By Matt Picht | March 13, 2017

Microwaves don't make for good surveillance devices, but that could change if internet-connected smart microwaves catch on.

Flynn's Foreign Agent Filing Came Up During White House Transition

By Lauren Stephenson | March 10, 2017

The now-fired national security adviser's attorney told transition team attorneys about the potential filing before the inauguration.

Trump's Former National Security Adviser Files As Foreign Agent

By Lauren Stephenson | March 9, 2017

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's firm filed the paperwork for work conducted between August and November 2016.

Trump Criticized Him. Now, He Could Be Our Next Ambassador To Russia

By Lauren Stephenson | March 8, 2017

If confirmed, this would be former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's third ambassadorship.

Estimate Says GOP's Obamacare Repeal And Replace Plan Could Cost $600B

By Lauren Stephenson | March 7, 2017

The same day the estimate was released, some conservative lawmakers spoke out against the bill — they said it doesn't do enough.

Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps (And Other Things To Know About FISA)

By Eugene Daniels | March 6, 2017

The process is handled by the Justice Department, not the White House.

Trump Tweets Top Dems Are Hypocrites On Russian Issue

By Lauren Stephenson | March 3, 2017

President Trump tweeted old photos of Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi meeting with Russian presidents.

FBI Not Giving All Info To Committee Probing Russia, Member Says

By Lauren Stephenson | March 2, 2017

Rep. Adam Schiff says FBI Director James Comey hasn't provided his intel committee with all the information it has asked for.

DHS Only Has $20M For Border 'Wall' — It's Supposed To Cost $21.6B

By Lindsey Pulse | March 2, 2017

The $20 million wouldn't cover starting construction costs; it's only enough to pay for contracts for prototypes.

New Trump Policy Targets Immigrant Crime (Which Is Relatively Rare)

By Eugene Daniels | March 1, 2017

Data shows noncitizens in the U.S. are a lot less likely than citizens to commit violent crimes.

Trump Calls Obamacare A 'Disaster,' But It's More Popular Than Ever

By Kate Grumke | February 28, 2017

For the first time, a majority of Americans approve of Barack Obama's signature health care law.

There's No Good Way To Respond To A President's Congressional Address

By Eugene Daniels | February 28, 2017

At this point, we can only assume the job is cursed.

Putting Trump's Military Spending (And Cuts To The Arts) In Context

By Zach Toombs | February 28, 2017

The U.S. spends as much as the next 12 countries combined on its military.

Trump Takes Aim At EPA Water Regulations With New Executive Order

By Matt Picht | February 28, 2017

The executive order directs EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to replace the Obama-era Waters of the United States rule.

Trump May Give Historically Black Colleges Opportunities Obama Didn't

By Ryan Biek | February 28, 2017

Trump is expected to sign an executive order related to historically black colleges.

The House Probe Into Trump And Russia Is Already Splintering

By Matt Picht | February 27, 2017

Committee chair Devin Nunes and ranking member Adam Schiff aren't seeing eye to eye on the investigation of President Trump's alleged ties to Russia.

Trump's Budget Plan: More For Defense, Less For Almost Everything Else

By Matt Picht | February 27, 2017

President Trump wants to spend more on the military by cutting spending across the board in other departments.

Trump Is Skipping The White House Correspondents' Dinner

By Ryan Biek | February 26, 2017

The president is breaking with 36 years of tradition by not attending the event that honors journalism.

Trump White House Selectively Bars News Outlets From Press Briefing

By Lauren Stephenson | February 24, 2017

Press secretary Sean Spicer decided to hold an off-camera "gaggle" but only invited some outlets.

Trump Administration Withdraws Guidance Regarding Transgender Students

By Lauren Stephenson | February 22, 2017

It cites the need for further consideration "of the legal issues involved."

Trump's Sanctuary City Fight Could Hurt His Infrastructure Plans

By Eugene Daniels | February 21, 2017

The two campaign promises could prove to be at odds with each other.

'Not My President's Day' Rallies Held Across The US

By Lauren Stephenson | February 20, 2017

The original protest was organized as a way to speak out against President Trump's policies, but it grew to encompass a number of issues.

Pence Reaffirms Commitment To NATO But Tells Members To Pay Up

By Lauren Stephenson | February 20, 2017

During his appearance with NATO's secretary general, the vice president also commented on the former national security adviser's firing.

One Of These People Could Be Trump's New National Security Adviser

By Lauren Stephenson | February 17, 2017

One of them — retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg — is serving as acting national security adviser.

The Trump Family Is Already Costing Taxpayers Millions

By Lauren Stephenson | February 17, 2017

A month into the presidency, the Trump family's travel has likely already cost taxpayers over $10 million.

Trump's Pick For Flynn Replacement Reportedly Turns Down Offer

By Lauren Stephenson | February 16, 2017

Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward won't be President Trump's next national security adviser.

Trump Says He Would Have Told Flynn To Discuss Sanctions

By Lauren Stephenson | February 16, 2017

President Trump told reporters Thursday that "Russia is fake news," and he blasted leaks to the press.

After Rough Week, Trump Plans To Rally The Crowds

By Lauren Stephenson | February 15, 2017

The president will return to a familiar campaign-trail spot.

The Trump Camp's Tune Has Changed When It Comes To Leaks

By Eugene Daniels | February 15, 2017

President Trump's team is "concerned" about leaks — but it hasn't always been that way.

Labor Secretary Nominee Withdraws Name Day Before Hearing

By Lauren Stephenson | February 15, 2017

Andrew Puzder's Senate confirmation hearing was scheduled to begin Thursday.

Russia Tests Trump With Treaty-Violating Missile Deployment

By Lauren Stephenson | February 14, 2017

The news came the same day the Pentagon said Russian military planes "buzzed" a U.S. naval ship.

Trump Promised The Most Pro-Israel Presidency Ever. Can He Deliver?

By Eugene Daniels | February 14, 2017

The new president has backed off some of his campaign proclamations about our ally.

White House Sends Mixed Messages On Flynn's Status

By Lauren Stephenson | February 13, 2017

One minute National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn enjoyed "the full confidence of the president." The next, not so much.

Trudeau Says He Won't 'Lecture' Trump on Syrian Refugee Ban

By Lauren Stephenson | February 13, 2017

The two leaders also discussed the importance of trade between the U.S. and Canada, and they announced a new initiative for women in business.

Trump Still Hasn't Acted On One Of His Most Popular Campaign Promises

By Eugene Daniels | February 13, 2017

President Trump made a lot of promises on fixing infrastructure, but there's been no movement since he became president.

Trump's First Weeks Prioritize Energy Over Environment

By Kate Grumke | February 10, 2017

Here's a look at the environmental policy changes that have happened so far under President Trump.

Trump Needs A Solicitor General, And His First Pick Just Bailed On Him

By Matt Picht | February 9, 2017

Trump was reportedly considering Charles Cooper for the role — until Cooper rejected the prospect.

House Democrat Weighs Opposition And Obstruction Against Trump

By Eugene Daniels | February 9, 2017

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I am the reaction. We are the reaction."

Ariz. Mother Deported As Trump Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration

By Lauren Stephenson | February 9, 2017

Guadalupe García de Rayos was convicted of a non-violent felony. Groups have argued the workplace raid that led to her arrest was unconstitutional.

Senate Confirms Attorney General Nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions

By Lauren Stephenson | February 8, 2017

The vote came after Democrats held the Senate floor for more than 24 hours to speak about their opposition to his confirmation.

IQ2 Debate: Should We Give President Trump A Chance?

By Lauren Stephenson | February 8, 2017

Some argue his actions on the campaign trail and during his first few days in the Oval Office are enough to know whether to give him a chance.

Breaking Down Betsy DeVos' Ideas For US Schools

By Matt Picht | February 8, 2017

Trump's education secretary's plans for reforming U.S. education revolve around charter schools and vouchers.

After Hearing, Appeals Court To Decide Whether Travel Ban Stays Frozen

By Lauren Stephenson | February 7, 2017

A three-judge panel heard arguments from attorneys representing the U.S. government and Washington state and Minnesota.

Kremlin Wants Fox News To Apologize To President Vladimir Putin

By Lauren Stephenson | February 6, 2017

It stems from the network's recent interview with President Donald Trump.

Dozens Of Tech Companies Are Fighting Trump's Travel Ban

By Katherine Biek | February 6, 2017

The list includes big names like Apple, Google and Facebook.

Trump's Immigration Ban Frozen In Seattle, Upheld In Boston

By Matt Picht | February 3, 2017

A Seattle judge halted an executive order banning travel from seven countries. A similar legal challenge was dismissed in Boston the same day.

Trump Signs Executive Orders That Loosen Financial Regulations

By Lauren Stephenson | February 3, 2017

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the executive order will encourage growth.

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Detained Due To Trump's Travel Ban

By Grant Suneson | February 3, 2017

Kjell Magne Bondevik was detained for an hour because he visited Iran in 2014.

Here's Why You Keep Hearing About 'Sanctuary Cities'

By Melissa Prax | February 3, 2017

The number of "sanctuaries" is increasing, even though President Trump signed an executive order to cut their funding.

Secretary Tillerson Had Plenty Of Issues Awaiting Him On His First Day

By Lauren Stephenson | February 2, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stepped into his new office Thursday.

President Trump Wants To Kill The Johnson Amendment. But What Is It?

By Eugene Daniels | February 2, 2017

The Johnson Amendment was introduced in 1954 to stop nonprofits from endorsing political candidates.

Trump Administration Puts Iran 'On Notice'

By Lauren Stephenson | February 1, 2017

The national security adviser responded to Iran's ballistic missile test and an attack by Iranian-backed militants Wednesday.

Here's What You Should Know About Executive Orders

By Eugene Daniels | February 1, 2017

They're the most powerful tool a president has in his kit.

Trump Tells McConnell To Consider 'Nuclear Option.' What Is It?

By Lauren Stephenson | February 1, 2017

President Donald Trump made the comment before meeting with leaders of groups that support his Supreme Court nominee.

Trump Nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court

By Lauren Stephenson | January 31, 2017

President Donald Trump made the announcement in a live address Tuesday night.

Trump Brings His Campaign Promises To His Meeting With Pharma CEOs

By Matt Picht | January 31, 2017

President Trump wants lower drug prices — but it seems like he won't use Medicare to get them.

Exception In Immigration Ban Lets Hundreds Of Refugees Into The US

By Grant Suneson | January 31, 2017

Nearly 900 refugees who were traveling to the U.S. as President Trump signed an immigration ban will still be allowed in.

Trump Sacks Acting AG For Defying Executive Order

By Lauren Stephenson | January 30, 2017

Sally Yates said she wasn't convinced the president's order to ban refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority countries is lawful.

Outrage Over Immigration Ban Makes Its Way To UK Parliament

By Lauren Stephenson | January 30, 2017

The House of Commons discussed President Trump's executive order twice Monday.

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