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Lindsey Pulse: backwards her name is Yesdnil Eslup, and she's full of other fun facts. Lindsey graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016 and joined the Newsy team shortly thereafter. She's written about everything from U.S. politics, science and technology, all the way to German beer and Prince George. Lindsey hates summer and loves dogs. When she's not working, you'll probably find her re-watching a Netflix show she's already seen seven times.

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A person holds an EpiPen
Getty ImagesU.S.

EpiPen Maker Mylan Finalizes Its $465M Settlement With The Feds

USS Fitzgerald
U.S. NavyU.S.

US Navy Announces Punishments For Crew On USS Fitzgerald

Rep. Steve Cohen talking
Getty ImagesPolitics

Another US Rep. Says He's Bringing Impeachment Articles Against Trump

Earth's atmosphere from space

NASA Is Sending Bacteria Into The Sky During The Total Solar Eclipse

The International Space Station
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Astronauts On The International Space Station Just Got A Big Delivery

Roger B. Taney Monument in Maryland
Bestbudbrian / cc by 4.0U.S.

Baltimore's Confederate Monuments Were Torn Down Overnight

A person walks past Tiffany & Co.
Getty ImagesBusiness

Tiffany & Co. Might Be Getting A Big Check From Costco

President Donald Trump speaks into a microphone.
Getty ImagesPolitics

More CEOs Step Down From Trump's Manufacturing Council

Elon Musk
Getty ImagesTech

Elon Musk Says AI Poses More Risk Than North Korea

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Tells Guam Amid North Korea Tensions: 'You Are Safe'

HBO's Game of Thrones cast
Getty ImagesEntertainment

HBO Might Have Offered A 'Bug Bounty' To Hackers That Stole Its Data

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Getty ImagesBusiness

Court Reportedly Sides With Samsung In Case Over Its Exploding Phones

Coast of Guam
Pai Shih / CC BY 2.0World

North Korea Gives Details On Its Threat To Launch Rockets At Guam

An Intel sign
Getty ImagesBusiness

Intel Is Seriously Upping Its Self-Driving Car Game

Passengers walk in an airport
Getty ImagesU.S.

Airlines Are Bumping Far Fewer People From Flights

Airbnb app on a phone
Getty ImagesU.S.

Airbnb Is Booting Users It Thinks Are Attending An 'Alt-Right' Rally

Smog around Los Angeles
Getty ImagesU.S.

Federal Draft Report On Climate Change Pins A Lot Of Blame On Humans

Rescued animal, a lion, drinking water
Four PawsWorld

Animals Abandoned In A Syrian Amusement Park Are Getting Help

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Getty ImagesWorld

Russia Fires Back After Congress Greenlights Sanctions

Gov. Sam Brownback
Getty ImagesPolitics

White House Taps Kansas Governor To Be Religious Freedom Ambassador

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesU.S.

Lawmakers React To Trump Saying Transgender People Can't Serve

Michelle Obama at the WFCO 30th anniversary event
Getty ImagesU.S.

Michelle Obama Wants Women To Keep Breaking Glass Ceilings

A missile in North Korea
Korean Central TelevisionU.S.

North Korea's Missile Program Is Progressing Faster Than We Thought

Lockheed Martin concept design of a supersonic aircraft
Lockheed MartinTech

NASA Is Trying To Get Supersonic Commercial Flight Off The Ground

Sen. John McCain
Getty ImagesPolitics

Sen. John McCain Returns To The Senate To Vote On Health Care

US Capitol building
Getty ImagesPolitics

The House And Senate Have Made A Deal On Russia And Iran Sanctions

USS Fitzgerald sits at a dock
U.S. NavyU.S.

Sailors Manning The USS Fitzgerald May Be At Fault For Fatal Crash

Exxon Mobil sign
Getty ImagesBusiness

Exxon Mobil Is Suing The US Treasury Department

North Korea building in Pyongyang
Getty ImagesU.S.

US Citizens Won't Be Able To Visit North Korea Much Longer

A picture of the newly named train.
MTR ExpressWorld

Say Hello To Trainy McTrainface, 'Cousin' Of Boaty McBoatface