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Katherine Biek

Digital Content Producer

Katherine grew up in Minnesota amongst the glitz and glamour of the child pageant and competitive dance worlds. A former University of Missouri Golden Girl and broadcast journalism graduate, Katherine now covers the early morning programming at Newsy. She owns over 125 pairs of shoes and is still a firm believer that everything in life is better when it's bedazzled.

  Recent Work
Prince William
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Prince William's Nonroyal Career Is Ending

Mahershala Ali
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'True Detective' Hired Its Next Star For A Season That Isn't A Go Yet

U.S. Capitol
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US Sanctions Might Affect More Than Russia, Iran And North Korea

Vehicles in the U.K.
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The UK Has A Plan To Help Improve Air Quality

James Bond
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A Familiar Face Might Be Returning To Play James Bond

President Trump at the National Boy Scout Jamboree
Twitter / @Scavino45Politics

Trump's Boy Scouts Speech Didn't Seem Geared To The Scouts

Anthony Scaramucci
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Meet The New White House Communications Director

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber's 'Bad Behavior' Has Gotten Him Banned

David Johnston and Queen Elizabeth
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Canadian Official Breaks Royal Protocol In The Most Polite Way

Passenger at airport
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US Lifts Airline Laptop Ban But Adds Enhanced Screenings Worldwide

Google home page

Google Hopes New App Feature Will Keep Users Coming Back

Ivanka Trump
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Ivanka Trump's Security Clearance Form Is Now Being Questioned

New Apple emoji

Apple's New Emoji Don't Include A Redhead, But We're Getting A Zombie

Side-by-side images of the animated Jasmine and Naomi Scott, who will play the princess in the live-action version.
Buena Vista Pictures / Getty ImagesEntertainment

Fans Upset Over Disney's Casting Choice For Princess Jasmine

Promotional image from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"
Facebook / Marvel StudiosEntertainment

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Might Not End Up Being Summer's Biggest Hit

George Romero
Gage Skidmore / CC BY SA 2.0Entertainment

Horror Movie Legend George Romero Dies At 77

Slime eels covering a car
Twitter / @DepoeBayFireU.S.

'Slime Eels' Turned An Oregon Highway Into A Big Mess

Donald Trump Jr.
Getty ImagesPolitics

A 5th Person May Have Been At Trump Jr.'s Meeting With Russian Lawyer

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer
Getty ImagesU.S.

Travel Ban: Judge Rules Grandparents Count As A 'Bona Fide' Relation

Emmy statues
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When It Comes To 2017 Emmy Nominations, Two Shows Are Big Winners

United Airlines plane
United AirlinesBusiness

United's Got A New Plan For Overbooked Flights

Kid Rock
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Another Celebrity Named Rock Might Be Eyeing Political Office

Getty ImagesU.S.

There's Now A New Path To Sainthood In The Catholic Church

President Donald Trump
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Trump's Twitter Use Prompted A New Lawsuit Against Him

Getty ImagesEntertainment

Psy No Longer Has The Most-Watched Video On YouTube

Donald Trump Jr.
Getty ImagesU.S.

Donald Trump Jr. Releases Email Thread About Russian Lawyer Meeting

Donald Trump Jr.
Getty ImagesWorld

Conflicting Stories On If Kremlin Was Involved In Trump Jr.'s Meeting

James Comey
Getty ImagesPolitics

Some Of Comey's Memos On Trump Might Have Classified Information

Donald Trump Jr.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Donald Trump Jr. Changes His Story About Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Twitter / @Scavino45World

Trump And Putin Meet For The First Time As World Leaders