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A self proclaimed news nerd, Eugene started his career in local TV news but was looking for something new and different and jumped ship to Newsy in June of 2015. He focuses a lot of his time on political or entertainment news so you can catch him analyzing a presidential race or debating why Shonda Rhimes is the savior television needed. Outside of work, you'll find Eugene with an actual book (gasp!) in his hands or binging on Netflix like it helps pay the bills.

  Recent Work
The Women's March in 2017.
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Women's March Built A Movement — Here's Where It's Going Next

Voters recently graded the president's first year.
Newsy Staff / Nathan BrinerPolitics

Trump's First-Year Report Card Has A Lot Of Red Ink

America owns a huge share of the arms export market
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerU.S.

The US-led Arms Export Industry Is Fueling Civilian Deaths

The statue of liberty and healthcare symbol.
Getty Images / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Want To Fix America's Health Care Costs? Fix Everything Else First

President Trump during a meeting with lawmakers.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump And Congress Kick Off Tricky DACA Negotiations

President Trump and Steve Bannon
Getty ImagesPolitics

Bannon-Trump Fight Could Splinter GOP's Populist Base In 2018

President Donald Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and GOP leadership.
Getty ImagesPolitics

New Year, New Problems For The GOP-Led Congress

Republicans attend a tax bill passage event
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Tax Bill's Rollout Looks Like It'll Be Full Of Confusion

Former President Barack Obama
Getty ImgesU.S.

Iran Deal Negotiations May Have Derailed Hezbollah Drug Prosecutions

Doug Jones after his win on Dec. 12
Getty ImagesPolitics

How Doug Jones Pulled Off A Huge Upset In Alabama

Doug Jones
Getty ImagesPolitics

Meet Doug Jones, The Democrat Alabama Just Sent To The Senate

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Confidant Steve Bannon Avoids Russia Investigations — For Now

An open bottle of pills
Getty ImagesPolitics

Medicaid Crackdown Could Worsen States' Opioid Addiction Problem

Then-President-elect Trump and Mitt Romney in 2016.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Sen. Mitt Romney? Not On President Trump's Watch

Sen. Bernie Sanders at a rally
Getty ImagesPolitics

Bernie Sanders Might Be Building Up His Resume For 2020

Picture from a protest for DACA protections
Newsy Staff / Ben SchamissoPolitics

Protecting DACA Recipients Could Hold Up The Government Funding Deal

Republicans during tax reform celebratory press conference
Getty ImagesPolitics

States Scramble As GOP Tax Bills Threaten SALT Deductions

Sameer Lalwani of the Stimson Center.
Newsy Staff / Kevin ClancyWorld

Could The India-Pakistan Conflict Go Nuclear? An Expert Explains.

U.S. Border Patrol agents
Getty ImagesPolitics

Number Of Women In Federal Law Enforcement Has Been Frozen For Decades

What does the asylum process look like?
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Asylum-seekers In The US Have To Jump Through A Lot Of Hoops

Roy Moore at a campaign event
Getty ImagesPolitics

As Washington Republicans Flee, Alabama GOP Stands By Roy Moore

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer
Getty ImagesPolitics

Democrats Turn To Government Shutdown Talks With Renewed Confidence

Lovely Umayam with the Stimson Center

What's Nuclear Security? We Asked An Expert.

House Republicans hold press conference
Getty ImagesPolitics

Tax Reform Bill Could Hurt The One Group Republicans Promised To Help

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty ImagesTech

For Civil Rights Groups, Facebook's Problems Go Beyond Russia

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announces tax reform
Getty ImagesPolitics

GOP Gives Tax Reform Plan A Bit More SALT

Long-term caretaker
Getty ImagesPolitics

How Lower Immigration Could Impact Baby Boomers

Overview of Cape Coral
Politico / Erika LarsenSci/Health

Cape Coral Is A Perfect Florida Getaway. One Bad Storm Could Ruin It.

U.S. Capitol
Getty ImagesPolitics

4 Million Kids Could Lose Health Insurance If Congress Doesn't Act

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump's 'Drain The Swamp' Push Is All Clogged Up