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House, Senate Leaders Agree On New Farm Bill Without Work Requirement
US, Mexico, Canada Strike A New Trade Agreement
Marriott Announces Massive Data Breach Affecting 500 Million Guests
Bloomberg Announces $50 Million Donation To Combat The Opioid Epidemic
Latest Ebola Outbreak In Congo Is The Second-Largest In History
Ukraine Bans Russian Men From Entering The Country
The More Personal Politics Get, The More Divided The Country Seems
Congress May Pass Largest Prison Reform Since '94. Here's What's In It
Online Claim About 'Illegal' Refugee Benefits Is Just Plain Wrong
Oil Prices Have Been Going Down. Is Trump Right To Thank Saudi Arabia?
Is A 2016 Bill Veto To Blame For California's Recent Wildfires?
James Comey Asks Judge To Throw Out House Subpoena
US Authorities Not Prosecuting Migrants Arrested In Border Clash
Flash Floods, Mudslides Hit Areas In California Burned By Wildfires
NASA Outsourcing Next Moon Landing To Private Company
FBI Raids Offices Of Chicago's Longest-Serving Alderman
Study: US' Rate Of Uninsured Kids Rose For The First Time Since 2008
Philippine Officers Found Guilty Of Murdering Teen
Judicial Nominee Accused Of Voter Suppression Loses Key Vote
United Nations Adds Reggae To Its 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' List
Canada Mulls Its Cuba Embassy Presence After 13th Mystery Illness Case
It's Anyone's Guess If Trump Will Cut A Trade Deal With China At G20
Chinese Authorities Halt Work Of Gene-Editing Scientist
Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress
Pelosi Is Dems' Nominee For Speaker But Needs More Votes To Win
Canada Sanctions 17 Saudi Nationals Linked To Death Of Jamal Khashoggi
USPS Workers Sentenced For Accepting Bribes To Deliver Drugs Via Mail
Study Says Gender Pay Gap Is Much Worse Than Previously Thought
VA Denies Claim It Won't Reimburse Veterans For Underpaid GI Benefits
Bayer To Cut Thousands Of Jobs Months After Monsanto Purchase
Deutsche Bank Raided In Money Laundering Probe Linked To Panama Papers
Americans Are Dying Younger Because Of Drug Overdoses And Suicides
US, Saudi Arabia Sign $15B Missile Defense System Deal
This Ad Campaign Could Threaten Dolce & Gabbana's Bottom Line
President Trump Scraps G20 Talks With Putin Over Ukraine Conflict
USS John S. McCain Returns To Water More Than 1 Year After Collision
Spending Vs. Giving: What Motivated The Creation Of 'Giving Tuesday'
US Army Awards Microsoft $480M AR Headset Contract
Trump Administration Is Reportedly Preparing A Bump Stock Ban
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Is $18M In The Hole
Outdoor Retailer Will Donate $10M It Saved From Trump Tax Cut
Senate Judiciary Committee Cancels Hearing As Flake Fights For Measure
Trump Heading To Argentina Thursday For Annual G20 Summit
Google's CEO Set To Testify On Capitol Hill
Senate Moves To End Military Support For Saudi Arabia In Yemen War
Vote On New ICE Director Delayed Over 'Serious' Union Concerns
New Zealand Bans Huawei Tech From Use In 5G Mobile Network
The Russia-Ukraine Clash Is A Reminder Of NATO's Vital Purpose
Nancy Pelosi Takes A Step Towards Regaining Speakership
Federal Trade Commission Agrees To Investigate Loot Boxes
CVS And Aetna Have Officially Formed One Big Health Care Company
Democrats See Opportunity In South After Close Losses
The European Union Wants To Go 'Climate Neutral' By 2050
Republicans Block Another Vote On Mueller Protection Bill
Lawmakers Push For Briefing On Saudis From CIA Director
Fed: US Economy Growing Steadily, But There Could Be Some Risks Ahead
Proposed Rule Could Deny Green Cards To Likely Welfare Recipients
Brazil Takes Back Offer To Host 2019 UN Climate Talks
Officials Release Video Of Gender Reveal Party That Led To Wildfire
Pompeo Says US Is 'On The Cusp' Of Helping Set Up Cease-fire In Yemen
DOJ Indicts 2 Iranian Nationals In SamSam Hacking Scheme
Any Version Of Brexit Will Make The UK Poorer, Reports Say
Trump Administration To Appeal Order Blocking Asylum Restrictions
Utility Company Asked To Explain Possible Role In Deadly Camp Fire
Texas Migrant Facility Skipped Required Background Checks For Workers
Dream Jobs: Violinist
Abrams-Backed Group Files Suit Challenging Georgia Election System
Khashoggi Case Heightens Concern Over Press Freedom
North Korea Is Reportedly Open To Inspection Of Main Nuclear Site
Pilots Battled With Plane's Auto Safety Feature Before Lion Air Crash
Mexico Says It Could House Migrants Awaiting Asylum On One Condition
Lawmakers May Still Get To Vote On Special Counsel Protection Bill
President Trump Threatens To Cut General Motor's Subsidies
GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Runoff Election In Mississippi
Report: Manafort And Assange Had Secret Meetings In London
Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reached Record High In 2017
The Trump-Russia Investigation Keeps Coming Back To Wikileaks
Protests Against Saudi Crown Prince Continue In Tunisia
House Dems Will Likely Re-elect Veteran Leaders
Russia's Seizure Of Ukrainian Boats Is An Attempt To Exert Control
International Lawmakers Pick Up Chatter On Trust-Busting Facebook
Stephen Hillenburg, Creator Of 'SpongeBob SquarePants', Dies At 57
Shelf Stable Polio Vaccine Could One Day Help Eradicate Last Of Virus
FBI Updates Tip Line System After Mishandling Parkland Shooting Tips
Uber Hit With $1M In Fines For Covering Up Massive 2016 Data Breach
3 US Soldiers Die From Blast Near Ghazni City, Afghanistan
The Bottom Line: Should You Trust The 'Sale' Sign?
Going Outside Boosts Your Immune System And Your Happiness
GAO To Investigate Mar-a-Lago Members' Possible Influence At VA
Hawaiian Students To Learn Endangered Language With Disney's 'Moana'
Apple Launches Program To Support Women In Tech
Sen. Sherrod Brown Chides GM For Shutdown After Bailout, Tax Cuts
Federal Prosecutors Challenge Request To Unseal Assange Charges
It's Safe To Eat Some Romaine Lettuce Again
Trump Warns It's Likely He'll Boost Tariffs On Chinese Goods
Human Rights Watch Urges Argentina To Investigate Saudi Crown Prince
Ukraine Imposes Martial Law After Russia Seized 3 Of Its Naval Vessels
Mexico Wants US To Investigate Use Of Tear Gas On Migrants
United Nations Approves Millions Of Dollars In Aid To Venezuela
Mueller's Office Says Paul Manafort Breached His Plea Deal By Lying