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Violent Earthquake Rattles Central Italy
The US Attorney General Didn't Like That Clinton Emails Announcement
A Really Weird Scandal Is Going On In The South Korean Presidency
Why Do We Like Getting Scared?
Tesla Doesn't Want You To Find The Solar Panels In This Picture
Creepy Clowns In Germany Might Get Jail Time
Trump Might Be Gaining On Clinton As She Faces More Email Scrutiny
Clinton Administration May Want Biden, But He Wants Out Of Politics
Bob Dylan Has Acknowledged His Nobel Prize Award — Finally
FBI Director Faces Backlash For Clinton Email Investigation Letter
Podesta's Email Hack May Have Happened From Resetting His Password
New Clinton Case Emails Reportedly Came From Weiner Sexting Probe
Russia Lost Its Spot On The Human Rights Council
SCOTUS To Make Decision Concerning Transgender Bathroom Use In Schools
Vulnerable GOP Senator Gets Backlash For Racially Charged Comment
Police Kill Native Americans At A Higher Rate Than Any Other Race
When It Comes To Cocaine Busts, The Coast Guard Had A Really Good Year
Your Race Could Affect Which Facebook Ads You See
FBI Reviews New Evidence In Clinton Email Investigation
Erica Garner Lashes Out At Clinton Staff Over Emails About Her Father
A Stranded Motorist Got Some Unexpected Help From Trump Jr.
Put Down The Cranberry Juice — It Probably Won't Help Your UTI
Internet Providers Now Need Your Blessing To Use Your Personal Info
A Giant Stretch Of Sea Near Antarctica Is Now Universally Protected
The UN Voted To Start Talking About A Treaty To Ban Nuclear Weapons
What Exactly Is Bill Clinton Inc.?
Bundy Brothers, Others Found Not Guilty In Wildlife Refuge Standoff
This Discovered Fossil Could Be The First Of Its Kind
Trump's Self-Funding Isn't As Noble As He'd Like You To Think
Ted Cruz Wants To Keep SCOTUS In Deadlock; Congress Might Not Agree
Obama Is Going All Out On His Clinton Campaign Blitz
WikiLeaks Release Shows Clinton Camp Prepping For Questions About Bill
Tensions Continue To Rise At Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
Green Party Candidate For Senate Crashes Maryland Debate
What If Only _____ Could Vote?
Uber Wants To Make 'Back To The Future' Flying Cars A Reality
A Lot Of Guns Used In New York Crimes Might Come From Out Of State
American Television Has Nothing On This British Cooking Show
More Than Half Of US Voters Are Worried About Violence On Election Day
Americans Have Italian Food All Wrong
The World's Scariest Airport Landing Won't Be So Scary Anymore
'Patient Zero' Wasn't Responsible For The US AIDS Epidemic; NYC Was
BYU Has Finally Changed How It Handles Sexual Assault Cases
We're On Track To Lose A Huge Chunk Of The World's Animal Populations
Gambia Is The Third Country To Withdraw From The ICC This Month
Russia Distances Itself From Europe As Syrian Unrest Grows
Microsoft's Surface Studio Is Built For Creativity
Federal Employees Donated Way More To Clinton Than Trump
State Politics Could Affect You More Than Clinton Or Trump
Rare Laotian Dolphin Isn't Extinct Yet, But It Will Be Soon
Clinton Hopes To Break Glass Ceiling In A Building That Has One
US Makes Historic Vote At United Nations By Not Voting At All
Why Does The Government Care About The Sex Lives Of Blood Donors?
Polls Aside, Voters Aren't Sure What To Expect On Election Day
Someone Destroyed Donald Trump's Hollywood Star With A Sledgehammer
College Costs Are On The Rise, And Financial Aid Can't Keep Up
Why Facts Should Matter In Politics
The People Who Give Themselves Hookworm May Be Onto Something
A Computer Glitch Likely Crashed A Robot On Mars
Former Gang Members See Themselves In A New Way — Without Tattoos
Self-Driving Beer Trucks Are The Wave Of The Future
Multi-Star Systems Form When Gravity Gets Weird
Secretary Of Defense Suspends Recollections Of Veterans Bonuses
Trump Is Going To Be The Next President, According To This Model
The World Series May Already Be Over, According To Stats (And Animals)
So-Called 'Miracle' Cure For Autism Is Actually Industrial Bleach
It Could Take 170 Years To Close The Economic Gender Gap
Undocumented Immigrants Are Getting Out The Vote In Arizona
Volkswagen Will Shell Out Billions Over Its Emissions Cheating Scandal
Ex-KKK Leader David Duke To Debate At Historically Black University
Despite Recent Protests, Respect For Police Is On The Rise
DePaul Deems Anti-Abortion Signs Too Racially Provocative
Oversampling Helps Increase Poll Accuracy, Not Skew It
Colin Powell Says He's With Her
How Tiny Houses Could Get Veterans Off The Streets
Donald Trump Tries To Tune Out Trump TV Rumors
Russia Conducts Major Disaster Preparation Drills
Delta Wants Its Customers To Fly In Luxury. Fergie Would Be Proud
For Tesla, Innovation Comes At A Price — Reliability
Haiti Is In Dire Need Of Food After Hurricane Matthew's Destruction
Democrats Could Take Back The Senate Majority, Thanks To Trump
Looks Like Our Backs Really Aren't Made For Space Travel
Concealed Carry On Campuses Might Not Make Students Safer
Coming Soon To An AMC Theater Near You: Election Night Coverage
Art As Protest: How One Artist Uses Portraits To Confront Injustice
Food Allergies Got You Down This Halloween? Find The Teal Pumpkin
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack In Pakistan; At Least 59 Dead
The US Is Home To Many Of The Top Universities Around The World
Higher Costs And Fewer Choices For Obamacare Customers In 2017
Trump Campaign Launches Nightly Livestream, Fueling Trump TV Rumors
Lots Of People Registered To Vote After Florida Extended Its Deadline
Better Late Than Never? US Banks Are Trying To Enter Venmo Territory
Bernie 'Doofus' Sanders: Mean In-Jokes Are Just Part Of Campaigning
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something ... Black Metal Band?
Iceland's Pirate Party Could Make Major Gains In Parliament
There's A Flaw In Donald Trump's Brexit Analogy
Room Sharing Could Cut Infants' Risk Of SIDS In Half
Churches Help Undocumented Workers Find Shelter During Legal Process
Goldman Sachs CEO Endorses Clinton, Surprising Pretty Much No One
Few Muslims Are In US Politics — And It's Not Getting Better