Exploration on the moon.

You Could Be NASA's New Planetary Protection Officer

If you got the job, you'd protect NASA's search for alien life — and make six figures.


1:07Oil drilling
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EPA's Attempt To Delay Methane Regulations Hits Another Roadblock

1:42smokestacks in China
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A Warming Planet Is Inevitable, New Research Finds

1:52Characters of '13 Reasons Why'

Did '13 Reasons Why' Really Have An Effect On Teen Suicide?

1:11A Tesla Model 3.

Tesla's More Affordable Model 3 Hits The Road — In A Limited Fashion

1:18FDA announces plans to regulate nicotine in tobacco products.
Nikita2706 / CC by SA 3.0

The FDA Wants To Make Cigarettes Less Addictive

0:48Charlie Gard's hand being held by his parents.

Charlie Gard, 11-Month-Old At The Center Of Legal Battle, Has Died

1:10Saturn's moon Titan

On Titan, The Building Blocks Of Bizarre Life Might Rain From The Sky

1:04Eye-controlled glasses
X. Pu et al.

New Smart Glasses Let You Get Things Done With The Blink Of An Eye

1:05Updated iPod Nanos
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Apple Discontinues Aging iPods That Can't Compete With New Tech

1:35A plume of exhaust exists a smokestack at Mitchell Power Station, a coal-fired power plant near Pittsburgh
Getty Images / Jeff Swensen / Stringer

Utilities Might've Known About Climate Change As Early As 1968

1:01Slug-inspired surgical glue
Jianya Li

Surgical Glue Inspired By Slug Slime Could Mend Your Broken Heart

1:02A pharmacy technician counts pills.
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Some Are Debating If You Should Finish Your Antibiotics Prescription

0:56A Roomba cleans under a chair

Roombas Have Been Doing More Than Cleaning. They've Been Learning.

0:58Milky Way galaxy

The Milky Way Might Have Borrowed Matter From Other Galaxies

1:36Firefox blocks Adobe Flash
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Adobe Is (Finally) Letting Flash Die A Slow Death

1:08Farmer harvests strawberries
US Environmental Protection Agency

Democrats Want To Ban A Pesticide Linked To Brain Damage In Kids

1:27A rainbow appears in front of wind turbines in England
Getty Images / Christopher Furlong

Europe's Renewable Energy Is Facing Extreme Power Fluctuations

1:20Elon Musk (left) and Mark Zuckerberg (right)
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Musk And Zuckerberg Spar Over Artificial Intelligence

1:03Lockheed Martin concept design of a supersonic aircraft
Lockheed Martin

NASA Is Trying To Get Supersonic Commercial Flight Off The Ground

1:18Close up of a sperm head
Zappys Technology Solutions / CC by 2.0

Sperm Count Is Declining In Western Men, And Scientists Don't Know Why

1:24Former Denver Broncos safety David Bruton lies on the ground after a hit
Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

CTE Found In The Brains Of 110 Former NFL Players

1:06Child getting a vaccination
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5 Percent Fewer Measles Vaccinations Could Mean Triple The Infections

0:48The moon as photographed by Apollo 11

The Moon Is A Lot Wetter Than Scientists Originally Thought

1:03The Apollo Control Center

A Nonprofit Needs Your Help To Restore A Historic NASA Command Center

0:50Man holding debit card in one hand
Jarmoluk / CC0

Buying Happiness Might Be As Simple As Paying For Spare Time

0:54Non-photosynthesizing red plant with several small flower buds
Sugimoto Takaomi

These Plants Don't Photosynthesize; They Eat Other Plants

1:21Team works on IVF procedure on a rhino.

First In Vitro Embryos Could Save The Northern White Rhino

0:45Possible nuclear waste in Fukushima reactor
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

The Robot Searching Fukushima's Reactors May Have Made A Big Discovery

0:56A Justice store
Mike Mozart / CC by 2.0

Justice Pulls Kids' Makeup From Shelves Following Asbestos Allegations

1:59Pokémon Go Fest welcomed 20,000 trainers to Chicago
Niantic / "Pokémon GO"

Pokémon Go Fest Didn't Really Go Well