Dry, desolate Mars and Mars when it had liquid water on its surface

How We Could Make Mars A Livable Planet

If we ever want to live on Mars, it's going to need to be a lot more human-friendly.


0:48A jumping spider sits on top of a plant
Artur Rydzewski / CC BY 2.0

Some Spiders Mimic Ants To Avoid Being Devoured

0:56New Apple emoji

Apple's New Emoji Don't Include A Redhead, But We're Getting A Zombie

0:55Corals on the Great Barrier Reef
Toby Hudson / CC by SA-3.0

Reef Fish Make Riskier Choices If They've Been Exposed To Oil

0:55A look from above Pluto.

NASA Is Letting You See What It's Like To Fly Over Pluto


This Cute New Space Drone May Take Over Some Astronaut Duties

1:34A cotton swab used for DNA testing is placed into an envelope
Getty Images / William Thomas Cain

How Much Should You Trust Your DNA Test?

1:02Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Getty Images

Elon Musk Likes Most Technology, But He Wants One Sector Regulated

0:53Biologist releases mosquitoes
Getty Images

Scientists Want To Release 20 Million Male Mosquitoes Here

1:14A group of horses.
Getty Images

Congress Is Working To Get Horses From Stables Onto Dinner Tables

1:29The Facebook Live telethon prepares its broadcast
Facebook Live / "Stand For Rights"

Facebook Live Nabs An Emmy Nom, Makes Plans For More Original Content

1:05A pregnant woman holds her stomach.
Getty Images

Over $200 Million Cut From Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

0:54A registered nurse works on a computer at a hospital in Indianapolis
Getty Images / Mike SimonS

9 In 10 Health Care Organizations Might've Faced A Data Breach

1:30Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Getty Images

Republicans Still Lack Support For The Revised Senate Health Care Bill

1:10Close-up of tardigrade under a microscope
Goldstein Lab / CC by 4.0

Tardigrades Might Be The Sole Survivors Of The Apocalypse

0:59SoundCloud leadership attends a panel discussion.
Getty Images

A Big Music Streaming Company Is Reportedly Struggling To Stay Afloat

1:06Animated robot
​Google Lunar XPRIZE

How This Company Plans To Mine The Moon's Resources By 2020

1:35A young man plays "Grand Theft Auto IV."
Getty Images

This Study Says Video Games Might Take Young Men Out Of The Workforce

0:47Airplanes sitting at an airport
Getty Images

Climate Change Could Make Air Travel Even More Frustrating

1:20laboratory mouse
Newsy staff

Finding The Brain Circuits That Turn Mice Into Winners

2:04Person poses with iPhone and Instagram logo.
Getty Images

The Federal Trade Commission Is Cracking Down On Instagram Influencers

1:25Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shakes hands with the robot Asimo
Getty Images / Yoshikazu Tsuno

How Do Isaac Asimov's Laws Of Robotics Hold Up 75 Years Later?

1:23Close-up of the sun

Our Sun Is Nothing Special — But That's A Good Thing

Will Brown / CC BY 2.0

Ravens Have The Rare Ability To Plan Ahead — Almost Like Humans

1:12Pedestrians walk by a Verizon Wireless store.
Getty Images

Millions of Verizon Customer Records Were Exposed Online

0:48An enhanced image of NASA's Great Red Spot.
NASA / Kevin Gill

The Newest, Up-Close Photos Of Jupiter's Great Red Spot

1:36Zebra fish embryo under the microscope
American Chemical Society

How To Freeze The Decline Of Earth's Endangered Species

0:39Graphic of a total solar eclipse

A Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming, And The US Has Prime Seats

1:15Graphic for Overwatch League's team announcement
Blizzard Entertainment / "Overwatch"

Esports' New Overwatch League Draws In Heavy-Hitting Sports Execs

1:42Babies in sunglasses
Getty Images

Babies Are Cute — But They Might Not Be Environmentally Friendly

1:18E. coli bacteria and a still frame of a horse galloping
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Science Puts A GIF Inside Live Bacteria