Joe Biden's Candidacy Will Likely Upend 2020 Democratic Field

When former Vice President Joe Biden jumps into the 2020 presidential race, he will likely have a few advantages over other Democrats.


1:08Elizabeth Warren.
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Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan To Wipe Out Student Loan Debt

1:10President Donald Trump
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Trump Sues To Block House Panel From Obtaining Financial Records

2:40President Trump departs the White House.
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Trump's Self-Made Image Undercut By NYT Tax Investigation

1:30Supreme Court building
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Supreme Court Takes Up LGBTQ Job Discrimination Cases

1:29Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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US Announces It Won't Reissue Iran Sanction Waivers

1:10U.S. Census Bureau worker
U.S. Census Bureau

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In Census Citizenship Question Case

1:05U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton
Office of U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton

US Rep. Seth Moulton Is Running For President

1:22House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler holds a news conference on April 18, 2019
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Democrats Reject DOJ's Offer To View Less-Redacted Mueller Report

0:35President Donald Trump
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Trump Campaign Says Donations Increased 250% After Mueller Report

1:26Sen. Elizabeth Warren
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls On House To Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Dave Franco, NEWSY staff

Why People Of Color Are Being Shut Out Of The Cannabis Industry

2:21CBP agent making an arrest.

Did Sections Of The Border Wall Cause A 90% Drop In Arrests? Not Quite

2:31Sen. Cory Booker
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Cory Booker Incorrectly Says Trump Cut Terror Investigation Funding

1:20A carbon monoxide detector
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HUD To Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors In Public Housing

2:49President Donald Trump leads a meeting with his cabinet members.
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How Does Turnover In Trump's White House Compare To Other Presidents?

1:09San Francisco
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Appeals Court Upholds Most Of California's Sanctuary Immigration Laws

1:25Herman Cain
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Cain Refuses To Withdraw From Consideration For Fed Board

2:52President Donald Trump
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Trump's Responses In Mueller Report Don't Tell Us Much We Didn't Know

2:18Attorney General William Barr
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Mueller Finds Multiple Cases Of Possible Obstruction

3:32Robert Mueller
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The Mueller Probe, From Start To Finish

1:33President Donald Trump
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Mueller Report Says Trump's Efforts To Impact The Investigation Failed

1:41Special Counsel Robert Mueller
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Mueller Report Lays Out Russian Interference, Without Links To Trump

1:18Robert Mueller.
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What We Know About The Mueller Report's Redactions

2:21Attorney General William Barr speaks about the release of the redacted version of the Mueller report
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Barr Summarizes Mueller Report Again Ahead Of Public Release

1:01White House senior adviser Stephen Miller
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Stephen Miller Invited To Testify Before House Committee

0:55Energy Secretary Rick Perry
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Energy Department Denies Rick Perry Is Stepping Down As Secretary

1:25A U.S. soldier watches a helicopter land
U.S. Department of Defense

Congress Pushes For Say On Overseas Fights With War Powers Resolution

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53 Health Professionals Charged With Illegal Opioid Distribution

1:30Attorney General William Barr
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Barr Rules Some Asylum-Seekers Aren't Eligible To Be Released On Bond

1:14Iranian Supreme Leader welcomes Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps leaders and officials
Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader

What Does Being Labeled As A Foreign Terrorist Organization Mean?