Angela Merkel poses with cosplayers

Angela Merkel Opens Bilateral Talks With Mario At Gaming Convention

After opening Gamescom 2017, Merkel was seen playing some good ol' "Farming Simulator."


2:18A sculpture of a child slave at the Whitney Plantation in Wallace, Louisiana
Newsy / Travis Henry

A Case For White Supremacists Needing Reparations

7:38Raven Rock is described as an entire city built on the inside of a hollowed-out mountain.

If You Haven't Heard Of Raven Rock, You're On Your Own When Nukes Hit

2:57A re-envisioned statue of a former Paraguayan dictator
Laurence Blair

How Countries Outside The US Have Handled Controversial Statues

1:00North Korean military cadets hold a flag during a performance.
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US Just Sanctioned Russian, Chinese Entities For Supporting N. Korea

1:41Donald Trump gives a speech and discusses Afghanistan
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How Afghanistan Reacted To Trump's Military Plans For The Country

1:11USS John S. McCain
U.S. Navy

Navy Orders 'Operational Pause' After 4 Incidents In The Pacific

0:53Malcom Turnbull
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Australia's Pledge To Help US Prompts Threats From N. Korea

3:42"Rosita Gets Scared" by Chicago comic artist, Vicko Alvarez, helps immigrant children talk about the fear of deportation.
Newsy / Ben Schamisso

A Comic Book Helps Immigrant Kids Talk About Fears Of Deportation

1:00Spanish police
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Spanish Police Say They've Killed Suspected Driver In Barcelona Attack

1:02A statue of John Reagan at the University of Texas at Austin.
Pompeo Coppini

University Of Texas Removes 4 Confederate Statues Overnight

1:01USS John S. McCain ship damage
U.S. Navy

10 Sailors Missing After US Navy Warship Collision

0:55Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal.
Chappelle-Nadal for Congress

Missouri Lawmaker Apologizes For Trump Assassination Facebook Post

0:53Jerry Lewis
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Comic Legend Jerry Lewis Dies At 91

0:51U.S. troops in Afghanistan
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Trump Said To Have Decided On Strategy In Afghanistan

1:20Hajj pilgrim
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Saudi Arabia Says Its King Will Fund Qatari Pilgrims' Trip To Mecca

1:09The USS Indianapolis
U.S. Navy

After 72 Years, Researchers Have Finally Found Lost World War II Ship

0:49A meeting of the National People's Congress in Beijing
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China's Government Gets Historic Publisher To Censor 300 Articles

0:44Comedian and activist Dick Gregory
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Civil Rights Activist And Comedian Dick Gregory Dies At 84

1:47Thousands protest Boston's "Free Speech Rally"
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Boston 'Free Speech Rally' Ends Early, Thousands Join Counterprotest

0:59Aquafina water bottles on a shelf
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National Parks Ditch An Obama-Era Plastic 'Water Bottle Ban'

1:26Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Venezuela's Controversial New Assembly Voted For Law-Passing Powers

2:25Courtroom sketch of Taylor Swift; a telephone hotline
Jeff Kandyba, RAINN

Do High-Profile Sexual Assault Cases Encourage Survivors To Report?

1:35Barricades set up around Boston Common.
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Preparing For Saturday, Boston Refuses To Be The Next Charlottesville

4:39Chicago poet and educator Kevin Coval discusses his poems from "A People's History of Chicago"

Chance The Rapper's 'Artistic Father' Kevin Coval Empowers Young Poets

5:00A Ku Klux Klan member takes part in a Klan demonstration at the state house building on July 18, 2015 in South Carolina.
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Access To Each Other Was A Big Factor In Hate Groups' Comeback

1:33Soldiers train in network defense
U.S. Army

Trump Just Gave Cyber Command A Better Seat At The Defense Table

0:51A person holds an EpiPen
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EpiPen Maker Mylan Finalizes Its $465M Settlement With The Feds

1:03USS Fitzgerald
U.S. Navy

US Navy Announces Punishments For Crew On USS Fitzgerald

0:55At least 14 people are dead and more than 100 others are injured following two possible terror attacks in Spain.
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Police Arrest 4 In Connection With Spain Terror Attacks

0:48Police at seen of terror attack
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Several Attackers Killed In Shootout Related To Barcelona Attack