Kim Jong-un

North Korea Condemns Latest US Sanctions

A statement from Pyongyang said pressure from the U.S. could "block the path to denuclearization on the Korean peninsula forever."


0:26Destruction following explosion in Japan

Explosion In Japan Leaves 42 Injured

0:41A person uses a smartphone
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JK — California Backs Off Proposed 'Text Tax'

1:09Sea water floods a church in Bulacan, Philippines
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Countries Agree On New Climate Rules, But They May Not Be Enough

1:11Orthodox monastery in Kiev
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Ukrainian Orthodox Leaders Announce Church's Independence

0:34Johnson's baby powder
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Reuters: Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Products Contain Asbestos

0:49U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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UK Government Has No Plans For Second Brexit Referendum

0:50So-called "yellow vest" protests in France
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At Least 8 People Died As 'Yellow Vest' Protests In France Continue

0:52Regulators Say PG&E Falsified Data For Years After Criminal Conviction
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Regulators Say PG&E Falsified Data For Years After Criminal Conviction

0:50Affordable Care Act Sign-up
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Federal Judge Rules That Affordable Care Act Is Invalid

0:41North Korean Ships
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North Korea Is Still Transferring Oil At Sea, Despite Sanctions

1:22Starbucks logo on a glass storefront door
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Starbucks Plans To Offer Coffee Delivery Across The US

2:15Miss Spain's Angela Ponce is the first transgender contestant to compete In Miss Universe

The First Transgender Contestant Competes In Miss Universe

0:49A handful of soybeans
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China Buys US Soybeans For First Time Since Trade War Began

0:53A group of migrants are detained at the U.S.-Mexico border
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7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Died While In Border Patrol Custody

0:39Eiffel Tower
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French Police Brace For Another Week Of 'Yellow Vest' Protests

3:21Chef José Andrés handing out meals
World Central Kitchen

Local Ingredients Are Key To Chef José Andrés' Disaster Relief Meals

0:57Massive lay-off at GM not as bad as originally thought
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Massive General Motors Layoff Won't Be As Bad As Originally Thought

1:00A Ford manufacturing plant
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China's Going To Temporarily Reduce Tariffs On US Auto Imports

0:54Romaine lettuce growing on a farm
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CDC Traces Romaine E. Coli Outbreak To California Farm

0:34FBI Logo
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Bomb Threats Sent To Large Number Of US And Canadian Cities

0:45French police officers patrolling the streets
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Strasbourg Shooter Has Been Killed By French Authorities

1:03Walmart Shopping Cart
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New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Walmart, Target

1:24Rohingya Muslins at a refugee camp in Bangladesh
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US House Declares 'Genocide' Is Occurring In Myanmar

2:53President Donald Trump
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President Trump Pushes Criminal Justice Reform Vote

1:07New England Compounding Center
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Ex-Pharmacy Staff Convicted In Deadly 2012 Meningitis Outbreak Case

1:31National Enquirer covers on a newsstand
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National Enquirer Admits To Suppressing Story To Protect Trump

1:00Federal Communications Commission seal
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FCC Mulls Ending Rule That Bars Major TV Networks From Merging

1:14U.S. Embassy in Cuba
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Doctors Say US Diplomats In Cuba Did Experience Inner-Ear Damage

1:12Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
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Pompeo Asks UN Security Council To Stop Iran Missile Tests

2:15A man dressed as Santa Claus holds a Christmas tree
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Artificial Christmas Trees Vs. The Real Deal: Is One Really Better?