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How is Newsy different?

We've never wanted to be like the other guys: the shouters, the rage-baiters. We care about context, solutions, understanding. We want to start conversations with thoughtful research, reliable information and even a little fun. That's what we deliver. Quick, smart, candid news.

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What people are saying about Newsy

  • I absolutely love your format. You can watch a story on CNN all day and get less information than one minute of Newsy!

    Karie L
  • Thank you for the news and just the news. No opinions, no obvious bias! How refreshing! Goodbye, cable! Hello, Newsy!

    Charles C
  • Newsy is arguably one of the best news-consumption apps out there.

    Cult of Mac

Newsy is always on

Like those other networks, we offer round-the-clock news programming. Unlike them, we don't fill each hour with hyped-up stories and people shouting their opinions. Watch Newsy to get caught up on the day's top stories in a fraction of the time.