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Facebook kiosk at CPAC

Facebook Criticized For Showing A VR Shooting Game Demo At CPAC

Facebook apologized for and removed a virtual reality shooting game demo that it showed at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference.


1:01Man smokes an e-cigarette inside of a vape shop
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

Some E-Cigarette Coils May Leach Lead, Other Toxins Into The Vapor


States Refile Suits To Try To Block Net Neutrality Repeal

2:16The logo for the Twitter social media network is projected onto a man
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After Bots Stoked Gun Debate, Twitter Blocks Them

0:46Phone in front of the Twitter logo
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Some Twitter Users Aren't Happy About Its Crackdown On Spammers

0:36YouTube logo from 2012
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YouTube Apologizes For Trending Conspiracy Video On Florida Survivor

1:58R2-D2 at the White House
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What Can 'Star Wars' Droids Teach Us About Building Better Robots?

0:40AT&T logo on a building
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These Are The First 3 Cities Where AT&T Will Roll Out 5G

0:32Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Forming A Cybersecurity Task Force

0:46The Whole Foods logo adorns a cardboard box at a Whole Foods Market.
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Amazon Is Offering Another Whole Foods Perk To Prime Members

0:38North Korean flag
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Suspected North Korean Hacking Group Grows To Multinational Threat

0:59Sir Richard Branson.
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India Could Have Its Own Hyperloop Soon, Thanks To Richard Branson

0:46SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket
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SpaceX Taking First Steps To Provide Internet To Anywhere In The World

2:16Graphic of Facebook users.

Social Media Is Important For Politicians, But How Well Does It Work?

1:13A woman rides her bike in front of a Google sign
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Why Google, The Company That Rules Web Ads, Will Soon Block Web Ads

2:35YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki gives keynote address.
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YouTube Says It Wants To Be 'Consistent' — It's Been Anything But That

1:20A participant sits with a laptop computer at the Chaos Communication Congress
Getty Images / Sean Gallup

When It Comes To Cyberattacks, No Two Countries Use The Same Playbook

0:45Google HQ
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Google Chrome To Start Blocking Some Ads

1:58A CES attendee examines LG's Nano Cell display
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Internet Of Things: Our Shoes And Watches Like To Surf The Web, Too

0:39Artist representation of bitcoin
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Russian Scientists Allegedly Used Supercomputer To Mine Bitcoin

0:25Person holds a phone with the Uber app
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Uber Just Settled Its Legal Battle With Waymo

0:54A customer carries his Whole Foods Market bag.
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Amazon Now Offers 2-Hour Whole Foods Delivery In Select Cities

2:22An employee mounts a Mercedes-Benz emblem to the hood of a sedan
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Grinding Gears: The Wheels That Must Turn to Get New Cars On The Road

1:34SpaceX's Dragon capsule entering Mars' atmosphere

After Falcon Heavy, What's Next For SpaceX?

2:36An Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android presses switches on a panel
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No, Robots Aren't From the Future — They Go Back To The 1700s

1:08SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifting off amid a dust cloud
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SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch Was Impressive Despite Years Of Delays

1:31Police officers control a drone in Liverpool, England
Getty Images / Christopher Furlong

Drones Are Quickly Becoming Newest Members Of Police, Security Forces

2:17Person playing "HQ Trivia."
Newsy / Madeline Carl

Can You Actually Win $20,000 From The 'HQ Trivia' Game Show App?

1:07Spotify CEO at media event.
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Spotify Will Finally Tell You Who Wrote That Song You're Listening To

3:19Strava's heatmap makes military bases pretty easy to find.

How A Fitness Tracker Subverted The World's Most Powerful Militaries

:41Messenger Kids app

Experts Want Facebook To End Its Messaging App For Kids