iPhone 5S with Tough ID.

Police Can Ask To Unlock Your Phone — This Feature Could Stop Them

The "cop button" feature discreetly disables Touch ID.


1:04KKK members protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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Internet Companies Are Teaming Up To Block White Nationalists

0:49A self-healing gripping robot shakes hands with a human
Terryn et al., Sci. Robot.

These Robots Can 'Heal' Themselves

1:14Dungeons & Dragons dice
Judit Klein / CC By ND 2.0

'Dungeons & Dragons' Rolls The Dice With A Digital Makeover

6:53Steve Anderson describes Glimmer, a social app that aims to help people with disabilities find friends or love

An App Aims To Help People With Disabilities Find Friendship And Love

1:07AG Jeff Sessions
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Justice Dept. Wants To Know Everyone Who Visited Anti-Trump Website

1:35Bill Gates visits Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
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Bill Gates Makes His Largest Charitable Donation In 17 Years

0:59Fans at an NFL game strike a pose for the camera
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Using Smile Emoji At Work May Send A Different Message Than You'd Want

1:06Shonda Rhimes
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TGI — What? Shonda Rhimes Is Leaving ABC

1:00Elon Musk
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Elon Musk Says AI Poses More Risk Than North Korea

1:07Mark Zuckerberg and the Colorful Balloons logo
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Facebook Quietly Released A Photo-Sharing App In China

1:49Nintendo Switch and GameVice side-by-side.
Nintendo, GameVice

Is The Nintendo Switch A Knockoff Of Mobile Gaming Controllers?

1:25SoundCloud logo by company headquarters

SoundCloud Isn't Going Anywhere — And A New CEO Is Taking The Reins

1:17HBO's Game of Thrones cast
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HBO Might Have Offered A 'Bug Bounty' To Hackers That Stole Its Data

2:08Andy Rubin's "Essential" smartphone.

Android's Creator Is Back In The Gadget Game With A Titanium Phone

0:48Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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Court Reportedly Sides With Samsung In Case Over Its Exploding Phones

1:28Facebook discontinues "Lifestage" and "Groups"

Facebook Buries 2 Apps In Its Mobile Graveyard

1:00IceBridge Project Scientist Nathan Kurtz looks out of a plane window
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Your Windows At Home And Work Could One Day Be A Lot Smarter

0:58An Intel sign
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Intel Is Seriously Upping Its Self-Driving Car Game

1:07Olympic medal and League of Legends gamer
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Will Esports Make It Into The 2024 Olympics?

1:09A drone is flown recreationally in Old Bethpage, New York
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Military Bases Can Now Take Out Drones That Are Deemed 'Threats'

1:25Millarworld comics

Netflix Is Becoming A Superhero Powerhouse Thanks To A New Acquisition

1:05Virgin Atlantic airplane
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Pilotless Planes Could Save Billions — If People Are Willing To Get On

0:55Person holds a phone displaying the Instagram logo
Getty Images / Carl Court

Computers Can Sense Depression Clues In Your Instagram Pics

1:33Disney apps

People Are Concerned Disney Apps Are Tracking Children

2:02An "alt-right" supporter holds up a protest sign
Fibonacci Blue / CC by 2.0

'Hatreon' Is The New Crowdfunding Platform For The 'Alt-Right'

1:39A screenshot of the WannaCry virus
Kaspersky Lab

The FBI Arrested The Researcher Who Stopped A Major Cyberattack

1:07Embryos after being subject to gene editing
Shoukhrat Mitalipov

A Gene-Editing Milestone May Mean Fewer Hereditary Issues Someday

0:40Four cube-shaped microbots about to capture a live cell
Han et al.

These Microscopic Robots Could Lead To More Precise Medicine

1:24Snapchat and Instagram logos
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Instagram Is Beating Snapchat At Its Own Game

1:06The rotator to the telescope being built on top of Haleakalā
Paul Jeffers

Building The World's Largest Solar Telescope Hasn't Been Easy