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Football Practice

How #MeToo Is Changing How Men Cope With Sexual Trauma

In the US, one in six men say they've experienced sexual assault. But experts say that number is actually higher.


1:35A Russian rocket

Russian Satellite Maneuvers Are Making The US Nervous

4:25Jenelle Rosario with new lip fillers.
Newsy / Madeline Carl

Is Our Obsession With Filtered Selfies Triggering A Disorder?

Medical professional holds a syringe
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Chinese Investigators Find Another Batch Of Defective Kids' Vaccines

3:48A kangaroo
Getty Images

The Lab: Are We Genetically Similar To Kangaroos?

0:58A bowl of cereal
Michael Himbeault / CC BY 2.0

Some Oat-Based Breakfast Favorites May Contain Weed Killer

0:46Overdose patient
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CDC Estimates A Record Number Of People Died Of Overdoses In 2017

0:58A man next to a dead whale shark on a Florida beach
FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute/CC by 2.0

Red Tides Can Be Dangerous For Humans, Too

2:17Children look over a computer.
Lucélia Ribeiro/ CC by 2.0

Young Kids Who Hold More Conversations Grow Their Brains

1:32An elephant with a calf
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Elephants Have Special Genes That Keep Them From Getting Cancer

0:47Dead fish on a Florida beach
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State Of Emergency Declared In Red Tide-Devastated Areas Of Florida

2:57Graphic of social determinants' impact on health
Newsy Staff / Andrew Lawler

Big Data Doctors Are Focusing On How We Live To Catch Health Issues

0:29Parker Solar Probe
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NASA Launches Fastest Spacecraft Ever To Research The Sun's Atmosphere

0:48Farm equipment sprays pesticide
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Court Slams EPA For Allowing Pesticide With Known Side Effects

1:27Artist's rendering of the Parker Solar Probe

To Get To The Sun, NASA's Probe Will Have To Hit The Brakes

4:17Medical student Rahael Gupta turned her depression into a movement.
Newsy / Carrie Cochran

This Medical Student Turned Her Depression Into A Movement

0:48Aerial view of Argentina National Congress
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Argentina's Senate Votes Against Legal Abortion

18:03A group of medical professionals work at the University of Michigan.
Michigan Medicine/University of Michigan

Unspoken: Doctor Depression And Suicide

0:58The night sky between trees
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VP Mike Pence Announces Official Launch Of Space Force

0:51Australian farmer surveys dried up land
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Australian Farmers Struggling To Keep Livestock Alive In Major Drought

1:58An emotional support pig rests on its owner
Ken Dodds/ CC by 2.0

How Are Colleges And Courts Dealing With Emotional Support Animals?

2:09A U.S. Forest Service poster from 1943 gives us a glimpse at how the government agency encouraged citizens to prevent fires.
U.S. Forest Service / War Advertising Council

How The US Used Nationalism To Prevent Wildfires

Getty Images

The Lab: How Exactly Does NASA Plan To Touch The Sun?

1:13CVS Pharmacy sign
Getty Images

CVS Rolls Out Digital Doctor Visits On Its App

0:47Kīlauea's summit in Hawaii on August 2, 2018
United States Geological Survey

Hawaii Volcano Has Slowed, But The Island Isn't In The Clear Yet

1:16An illustration of membrane-bound vesicles containing clusters of viruses

Newly Discovered 'Virus Clusters' May Be Why Norovirus Is So Severe

0:38Baby with microcephaly, a defect linked to Zika
Getty Images

1 In 7 Babies Born To Women Exposed To Zika Had A Birth Defect

1:48A firefighter in California
Getty Images / David McNew

As Heat Waves Worsen, So Will All The Other Trouble They Cause

1:00Mammogram image from breast cancer screening
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Genetic Testing Could Reveal Risks For A Deadly Form Of Breast Cancer

1:16Person using e-cigarette
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Study Finds Teens Who Vape Are More Likely To Use Marijuana Later

0:43Ebola virus
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Congo Faces A New Outbreak Of Ebola