Oxycodone pain pills

Data On Pain Pills Sold In U.S. Between 2006 And 2012 Made Public

The DEA and some drug companies fought for about a year to keep this information private.


3:09Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon

The End Of The Space Race: The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

1:13A medical worker administers a vaccine
World Health Organization

Congo's Ebola Outbreak Moves Closer To Rwandan Border

0:49Juul pods on display
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Companies Have 10 Months To Apply To Keep Selling E-Cigarettes

4:17A woman video conferences with a doctor.

Telemedicine Can Save Lives In Rural Areas, But It's Still Hard To Get

2:32Man in doctor's office
University of Washington School of Medicine

Is The Future Of Contraception Male?

1:53Kidney transplant operation
Getty Images

Trump Signs Order Aimed At Improving Care For Kidney Disease Patients

1:03Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
International Federation of Red Cross

Study Finds Experimental Drugs Effective Against Congo's Ebola Strain

1:20Dry, cracked ground

Lawmakers Unveil Measure To Make Climate Change A National Emergency

1:07A man reaches for a medicine bottle.
Getty Images

Judge Blocks Trump Administration Rule Requiring Drug Prices In TV Ads

1:26Amazon forest
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Monthly Deforestation Up More Than 88% In Brazil's Amazon

1:03Paddleboarders in Alaska on July 4, 2019
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How Alaska Got To Its Record July Temperatures

2:27Brain making connections
National Institute of Health

Memories Shape Brain Development⏤ Forgetting Regulates That Process

1:26HIV virus

Researchers' Gene Technology Removes HIV From Mice For The First Time

0:52Facebook icon

Facebook Update Reduces Exposure To Misleading Health Information

1:11NASA launches Orion test spaceship from Kennedy Space Center in Florida

NASA Successfully Tests Orion's Launch Abort System

0:52Oregon Capitol Building
Oregon Senate

Oregon Republicans To End Walkout And Return To The Senate

1:06St. Louis Planned Parenthood
Getty Images

Missouri Commission Grants Stay To St. Louis Planned Parenthood

1:08Workers install solar panels on a home in Florida
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New Bill Could Make Fossil Fuel-Heavy States Switch To More Renewables

1:08Flood waters in rural Mozambique following Cyclone Idai
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UN Report: Climate Change Could Force 120M People Into Poverty By 2030

4:22Plastic packaging around beauty products
Dave Franco / Newsy

How The Beauty Industry Is Trying To Send Less To The Landfill

4:14A pregnant woman
Andrew Seaman / CC by ND-2.0

How A Blood Test Could Detect PTSD In Pregnant Women

0:56San Francisco skyline
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San Francisco To Become 1st Major US City To Ban E-Cigarettes

1:11Teva Pharmaceuticals
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Oklahoma Judges Approves $85M Settlement With Teva Pharmaceuticals

1:31Blood pressure reading
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Trump Issues Order Aimed At Making Health Care Costs More Transparent

1:25Planned Parenthood in St. Louis
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St. Louis Judge Extends Planned Parenthood's Abortion License

2:32Bottles of prescription drugs
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Ask The Experts: There Are No Easy Drug Price Fixes

1:12President Donald Trump leaves the White House on May 24, 2019.
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White House Proposes Removing Long-Term Climate Impact Reviews

1:29An Oregon State Trooper vehicle
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Oregon Republican Senators Flee The State To Block Climate Legislation

1:50Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis
Getty Images

Missouri Denies St. Louis Planned Parenthood Clinic Abortion License

4:42Inside a recycling plant that makes fiber from single use plastic bottles.

A Reuse-Heavy Circular Economy Could Help Lower Plastic Pollution