Image of a total solar eclipse

Driver Safety Is Important — Especially During A Total Solar Eclipse

The Federal Highway Administration is calling the event ​one of the largest driver distractions in years.


0:53A bartender pours whiskey into a shot glass
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Why You Should Be Diluting Your Whiskey

1:05Bonnie Tyler in the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" music video.
Columbia Records / "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

The Unofficial Solar Eclipse Theme Song Has An Interesting Origin

1:10Earth's atmosphere from space

NASA Is Sending Bacteria Into The Sky During The Total Solar Eclipse

1:35Total solar eclipse

There's Only One Real Danger During A Total Solar Eclipse

0:52The aftermath of a gas attack in Syria
Halab Today TV

Smart Fabric Could Act Like A Shield In A Gas Attack

0:49A self-healing gripping robot shakes hands with a human
Terryn et al., Sci. Robot.

These Robots Can 'Heal' Themselves

0:57The International Space Station
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Astronauts On The International Space Station Just Got A Big Delivery

2:43A total solar eclipse
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Why The Total Solar Eclipse Is A Bigger Deal Than You'd Think

1:18Siberian huskies
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Direwolves Of 'Game Of Thrones' Lead To Dire Problems For Real Dogs

1:35Bill Gates visits Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
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Bill Gates Makes His Largest Charitable Donation In 17 Years

0:59Fans at an NFL game strike a pose for the camera
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Using Smile Emoji At Work May Send A Different Message Than You'd Want

1:03Image taken from the dark side of Saturn

NASA's Saturn Probe Has One Final Mission Before Its Fiery End

1:06Hospital in Sana'a, Yemen

As Many As Half A Million Yemenis May Have Cholera Amidst Civil War

1:05A bartender pours a beer into a glass
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1 In 8 US Adults Might Have Alcohol Use Disorder

5:33A total solar eclipse
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The Nonscientific Reasons Everyone Is Geeking Out Over The Eclipse

2:18A total solar eclipse

Learning A Ton Of New Science From 2 Minutes Of A Total Solar Eclipse

1:17A senior citizen sits in the hallway of a care center
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Isolation Could Become A Bigger Public Health Threat Than Obesity

1:20Dead trees
William and Leander Anderegg

It's Getting Harder And Harder For Trees To Bounce Back From Drought

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Transplanting Pig Organs Into Humans Could Happen In The Near Future

1:28A man smokes marijuana
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Study Finds Smoking Marijuana Could Have A Surprising Health Risk

1:32Smokey Bear
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Smokey Bear Turns 73 As Wildfires Are On The Rise

1:00IceBridge Project Scientist Nathan Kurtz looks out of a plane window
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Your Windows At Home And Work Could One Day Be A Lot Smarter

0:48Man beside one Patagotitan mayorum bone
American Museum of Natural History

Scientists Just Named The Biggest Land Animal Ever

4:08Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal fired Morgantown Generating Station, on May 29, 2014.
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Many Experts Dismiss Them, But Climate Change Doubters Are Powerful

1:36Full moon

Moon's Magnetic Field Lasted A Billion Years Longer Than We Thought

1:00Satellite imagery of Tropical Storm Franklin
NOAA / NASA Goddard Rapid Response Team

This May Be The Atlantic's First Hurricane Of The Year

1:10New primate species skull
Fred Spoor

A 13-Million-Year-Old Skull Might Fill A Gap In Ape Evolution

1:57Grasses and a watershed dam in Iowa.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

This Gov. Agency May Replace 'Climate Change' With 'Weather Extremes'

2:56Vintage Kool cigarette ad
Imperial Tobacco Company

Menthol Cigarettes' Hidden Link To Black Americans

1:12Runners on treadmills
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The Protein That Makes Your Heart Think It's Exercising