Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

McConnell Delays Vote On Health Care Bill Until After July 4

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn't get enough support to have the bill considered on the Senate floor.


1:24Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Senate GOP Health Care Bill In Jeopardy Of Stalling At Procedural Vote

1:15Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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These 3 Groups All Oppose The Senate Health Care Bill

0:39Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Senate GOP Tweak Health Care Bill Ahead Of Potential Vote

0:58Rep. Steve Scalise
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Rep. Steve Scalise Is Out Of The ICU After Baseball Field Shooting

1:13Senators Paul, Lee, Cruz and Johnson.
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What GOP Opposition To Senate Health Care Bill Means For Its Passage

0:57Mitch McConnell addresses media
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The Senate Health Care Bill Looks A Lot Like The House's

1:35Andrew McCabe
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Acting FBI Head Gets More Comey, Russia Questions — At Budget Hearing

1:09The Congressional Black Caucus
Facebook / Congressional Black Caucus

Congressional Black Caucus Snubs An Invitation From President Trump

1:29Karen Handel campaigns the day before winning her congressional seat.
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Republicans Hold On To Congressional Seat In Georgia Special Election

1:01A jet passes the air traffic control tower at Los Angles International Airport.
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Senate Passes On Trump's Plan To Privatize Air Traffic Control

1:58Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
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Democrats Hold Senate Floor To Protest GOP Health Care Efforts

1:05Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Putin Says Sanctions Would 'Harm' Relations, But He's Not Worried Yet

1:36Rep. Thomas Massie speaks with reporters.
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After Shooting, Congressman Introduces Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

0:50Doctor Jack Sava updates press on the condition of Rep. Steve Scalise
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Scalise Is Still In Critical Condition, But Doctors Are Optimistic

1:08President Donald Trump
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Senate Approves Measure Limiting Trump's Power Over Russia Sanctions

2:18The scene of the baseball field shooting and Rep. Steve Scalise.
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Lawmakers At Shooting Say Scalise's Security Prevented A 'Massacre'

1:10Speaker Paul Ryan.
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Speaker Ryan: 'An Attack On One Of Us Is An Attack On All Of Us'

0:57Trump meets with 13 senators about health care
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Trump Huddles With Senate Republicans To Discuss Health Care Bill

1:20Sen. Tom Cotton
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Tom Cotton Grills Jeff Sessions On Spy Novels

1:22Attorney General Jeff Sessions responds to questions at a senate hearing.
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Senators Accuse Sessions Of 'Stonewalling' On Russia Inquiry

1:06Jim Mattis touching his head
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Mattis Says Congress Needs To Up Its Game On Defense Spending

1:00U.S. Capitol
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Senators Look To Impose New Sanctions Against Russia

1:25Sen. Chuck Schumer
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Sen. Schumer Invites Trump To Do Something Few Presidents Have Done

1:09U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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Jeff Sessions Wants To Clear The Air On His Conversations With Comey

1:01GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Senate Republicans Are Using A Special Rule To Vote On Health Care

1:50Sen. Claire McCaskill
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Democratic Senator Calls Out GOP For Fast-Tracking Health Care Bill

0:42Rep. Trey Gowdy
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Meet The GOP Choice To Replace Chaffetz As House Oversight Chair

1:26Members of the Senate intelligence committee.
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How Two Sides Spun One James Comey Statement

1:01Representatives Jeb Hensarling and Paul Ryan
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House Passes Dodd-Frank Rollbacks Over Democrats' Objections

1:26Donald Trump Jr. campaigns for his father
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The President Didn't Tweet About Comey, But Another Trump Did