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Doug Jones

Alabama Certified Doug Jones As The Winner Of Its Special Election

Alabama election officials certified Democrat Doug Jones on Thursday as the winner of the state's highly watched U.S. Senate election.


0:45Roy Moore speaks at election night party
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Roy Moore Is Trying To Block Alabama's Special Election Result

1:13A 1040 form
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IRS Says You'll Need 2017 Paperwork To Keep 2017 Tax Benefits

0:27Doug Jones
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Alabama's Senate Election Results Will Be Certified Next Week

0:55Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
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Hispanic Caucus Members Reportedly Confronted Chuck Schumer Over DACA

0:27Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Senate Passes Spending Bill, Avoids Government Shutdown

:29House Republicans
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House Votes To Pass Stopgap Spending Bill

:43House Speaker Paul Ryan.
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House Republicans Think Their Plan Will Avoid A Government Shutdown

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Congress Faces Obstacles To Passing Stopgap Spending Bill

1:59Republicans attend a tax bill passage event
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The Tax Bill's Rollout Looks Like It'll Be Full Of Confusion

0:31Franken exits Senate.
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Sen. Al Franken's Last Day In Congress Is Jan. 2

:33From left, House Speaker Paul Ryan, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence
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President Trump Celebrates Tax Bill, His First Major Legislative Win

:50Trump signs bills
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Trump May Have To Wait Until Next Year To Sign The Tax Bill

1:07Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady.
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House Republicans Pass Tax Overhaul Bill ... Again

:38U.S Capitol building
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After Tax Reform, There's Another Major Bill Congress Needs To Pass

:39Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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McConnell: Congress Won't Make Any DACA Decisions This Year

0:26U.S. Capitol building
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US Senate Votes To Pass Republican-led Tax Bill

0:41NSA employees

House Plans To Introduce 'Spy Bill' Proposal

0:37House Speaker Paul Ryan
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House Must Revote On Tax Bill After Learning It Breaks Senate Rules

0:53Al Franken
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A Few Senators Reportedly Want Franken To Reverse His Resignation

0:47Sen. John McCain speaks during a press conference.
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McCain's Absence Probably Won't Hurt The GOP's Tax Bill Vote

0:36Rep. Ruben Kihuen
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Rep. Ruben Kihuen Won't Seek Re-election Amid Misconduct Allegations

0:37Student does homework.
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The GOP Dropped Its Controversial Grad School Tax From The Final Bill

0:58Ship approaches Puerto Rico.
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The GOP Tax Bill Could Hurt An Already Struggling Puerto Rico

0:41A woman picks up tax forms.
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The House And The Senate Just Revealed Their Blended GOP Tax Bill

1:17Rep. Ruben Kihuen
Office of Rep. Ruben Kihuen

House Ethics Committee Launches Fourth Investigation Into Misconduct

0:51Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Bob Corker
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2 Senate Republican Holdouts Say They're A 'Yes' On Tax Bill

1:11Paul Ryan
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Why Paul Ryan Might Decide To Retire In 2018

0:35Marco Rubio
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Marco Rubio Says He's A 'No' On The Tax Bill — At Least For Now

0:55Rep. Blake Farenthold
U.S. Congress

Rep. Farenthold Not Seeking Re-election After Sexual Misconduct Claims

0:34Vice President Mike Pence
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Pence Is Pushing Back His Trip To Israel