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A coal truck and coal

Canada And The UK Form International Alliance To Fight Against Coal

More than 20 countries, states and provinces joined Canada and the U.K.'s alliance against unabated coal use.

  Climate Change

1:23Steam exits from the Niederaussem coal-fired power plant, shown here in November 2017
Getty Images / Lukas Schulze

More Than 15,000 Scientists Have Issued A Warning To Humanity

0:50United Nations climate change conference
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The US Is Now The Only Country Not On Board With The Paris Accord

1:57EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump.
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A New Climate Report Has Some Worried About The White House's Response

1:17Volcano releasing smoke at sunset
Natalia Collegova / CC0

Climate Change Might Make Effects Of Major Volcanic Eruptions Worse

1:09People walk near India gate amid heavy dust and smog
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Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Hit A Record High In 2016

2:11Overview of Cape Coral
Politico / Erika Larsen

Cape Coral Is A Perfect Florida Getaway. One Bad Storm Could Ruin It.

0:53Clouds over the Eiffel Tower in Paris
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A Holdout Just Joined The Paris Climate Agreement

1:01A home damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
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Federal Watchdog Thinks Climate Change's Economic Costs Will Skyrocket

1:37Hurricane Irma
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

2017 Will Be One Of The Costliest U.S. Natural Disaster Years Ever

0:55Ophelia as a tropical storm

Hurricanes In Ireland Could Be The New Normal

1:16Smoke leaves a coal-fired generator located in China
Getty Images / Kevin Frayer

NASA Has A Better Idea How Humans, Weather Shift The Carbon Cycle

1:23Storm clouds over Chicago
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How Cities Will Stay Dry In A Rain-Soaked Future

1:40A coal-fired power plant.
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EPA Moves To Overturn Another Obama-Era Environmental Protection

2:59A family carries a television and their belongings from their house as they evacuated in Bali, Indonesia.
Getty Images / Ulet Ifansasti

Climate Change Will Create More Refugees And Mass Migration

1:16Smokestacks in China
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How To Keep Countries Honest About Their Carbon Emissions

1:28Fireman watches wildfire
National Wildfire Coordinating Group

As Wildfires Get Worse, USDA Says Firefighters Need More Funding

0:55Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega
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One Of The Last Paris Climate Accord Holdouts Just Agreed To Sign

1:48People walk through flooded streets in Naples, FL after Hurricane Irma hit.
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

How Can Cities Protect Against Hurricanes?

1:32Hurricane Irma

Do We Need A Hurricane Category 6?

Flooding in Houston, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Bigger Floods Are Coming, And Our Emergency Plans Aren't Keeping Up

1:13Hurricane Harvey just before landfall

Climate Change Might Make Intense Hurricanes Like Harvey More Common

1:22Oil well and tanks
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Humans Are Putting A Lot More Methane Into The Air Than We Thought

1:31Coal mines of East Germany
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Trump Scraps Federal Climate Change Advisory Panel

1:20Dead trees
William and Leander Anderegg

It's Getting Harder And Harder For Trees To Bounce Back From Drought

4:08Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal fired Morgantown Generating Station, on May 29, 2014.
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Many Experts Dismiss Them, But Climate Change Doubters Are Powerful

1:57Grasses and a watershed dam in Iowa.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

This Gov. Agency May Replace 'Climate Change' With 'Weather Extremes'

1:12Smog around Los Angeles
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Federal Draft Report On Climate Change Pins A Lot Of Blame On Humans

1:14President Donald Trump
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US Tells UN It's Leaving Paris Agreement But Will Go To Meetings

1:16People on a beach in the U.K.
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Study: Climate Change Could Kill 150,000 Europeans A Year By 2100

1:42smokestacks in China
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A Warming Planet Is Inevitable, New Research Finds