Eastern black rhinoceros grazing in field

The Eastern Black Rhinoceros Has Officially Returned To Rwanda

The effort to relocate the animals was sponsored by African Parks, a conservation nonprofit that manages national parks on behalf of the government.


0:59Big cats and their handler perform during a Ringling Bros. show.
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The 'Greatest' (Or 'Cruelest') Show On Earth Is About To End

1:01Fake caterpillar on a leaf
Chung Yu Tak

Worried About Predator Attacks? Stay Away From The Equator

0:49A parrotlet hops to a new perch
Diana Chin, Lentink Lab

Before Birds Could Fly, Dinosaurs Had To Learn To Hop

0:47Close-up of a bumblebee covered in pollen
Kalle Gustafsson / CC BY 2.0

When Choosing Flowers, Bees Go For Their Nicotine Fix

1:02Townsend's warbler sitting in a tree
Stephen Lester

Climate Change Is Screwing Up Birds' Migratory Patterns

0:57A wild snow leopard in India
Snow Leopard Conservancy

How Harsh Habitats Shaped Snow Leopards' Genes

0:38Always Dreaming and his jockey John Velazquez.
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On A Sloppy Track, A Last-Minute Favorite Wins The Kentucky Derby

1:08Otters play a pipe organ
Smithsonian's National Zoo

Music Keeps The Mind Sharp — Even If You're An Animal In A Zoo

1:10A giant larvacean
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Filter-Feeding Plankton Clean Carbon Out Of The Oceans

0:50A cat high-fives a human
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Your Cat Probably Loves You. Science Says So.

1:15Devil's Hole Pupfish, Newcomb's Tree Snail, Fender's Blue butterfly
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A New Bill Could Completely Upend The Endangered Species Act

0:44Lua, a two-toed sloth born at the Memphis Zoo.
Memphis Zoo

This Two-Toed Sloth Is The Memphis Zoo's Newest Addition

1:03Three sea lions
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Marine Mammals In California Are Falling Victim To Brain-Rotting Toxin

1:05A naked mole rat
Tim Evanson / CC BY SA 2.0

The World's Weirdest Mammal Keeps Surprising Scientists

0:44Takara and her calf

The Last Orca To Be Born At SeaWorld Just Arrived

1:07Young giraffe in Botswana
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Giraffes Are Dying Out, But US Still Doesn't Label Them 'Endangered'

0:56Frog sitting on ground
Sanil George and Jessica Shartouny

This Frog's Slime Could Help Kill The Flu Virus

1:05Giant shipworm removed from its shell

This 5-Foot 'Worm' Lives In A Shell And Runs On Sulphur

1:02Brown howler monkey
Peter Schoen / CC BY SA 2.0

A Lot Of Monkeys Are Dying In Brazil, And Humans Aren't Helping

1:46An ocelot crossing sign in Texas
Jeff B / CC BY 2.0

A Border Wall Would Be Bad News For Wild Cats

1:01Leafcutter ants
Ross Elliott / CC BY 2.0

Ants Have Been Running Sophisticated Farms For 30 Million Years

0:47A Leidy's comb jelly
Michael Bentley / CC BY 2.0

Meet What Could've Been The First Animals To Ever Evolve

1:09Man with a harpoon gun
International Whaling Commission

Norway Opens This Year's Whaling Season With Huge Kill Quota

1:09Two giant pandas eat bamboo.
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China Plans Massive Panda Preserve

0:58Plankton spearing its prey
Dr. Urban Tillmann

Lowly Plankton Have Evolved Sophisticated Harpoon Guns

0:38Manatee and calf
psyberartist / CC BY 2.0

Florida's Manatees Aren't Endangered Anymore

1:10An elephant at the Mashatu game reserve.
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China's Ivory Trade Is Dying, And That's Good For African Elephants

1:04Tyrannosaurus rex covered in feathers
RJ Palmer / CC BY 4.0

The Real T. Rex Is Fuzzy-Bodied, Scaly-Faced And Lippy

1:11Tadpole with eye on its tail
Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University

Scientists Are Growing Working Eyes Where Eyes Shouldn't Grow

0:55One of the tigers caught on camera in the Thai jungle
Thailand Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation / Freeland

Tiger Cub Discovery Gives Researchers Hope For This Endangered Species