A photo of Australian shepherd Blakely with the cheetah cubs.

Dog Brought In To Be Surrogate Parent To 5 Cheetah Cubs

The cheetah cubs lost their mother shortly after they were born at the Cincinnati Zoo. The Australian shepherd will help the cubs learn to socialize.


1:40An American Staffordshire Terrier licks a shelter volunteer.
Getty Images / David Paul Morris

Why Calling A Dog A Pit Bull Could Extend Its Shelter Stay

1:14Five cheetah cubs are receiving round-the-clock care after C-section delivery.
Twitter / @CincinnatiZoo

Veterinarians Perform C-Section To Save These Adorable Cheetah Cubs

:40Eaglet hatching in D.C.
© 2016 American Eagle Foundation, www.eagles.org

The Home Of The Brave Just Got 2 More Bald Eagles

1:15A lion lying next to a watering hole.
Getty Images / Cameron Spencer

Authorities Aren't Sure Why Lions Are Escaping From A Kenyan Park

1:12Orcas at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Will Stop Breeding Captive Killer Whales

1:10A trainer feeds bottlenose dolphins.
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Russia's Ministry Of Defense Wants To Buy 5 Dolphins — But Why?

1:06Rhino horns seized by Hong Kong customs officials.
Getty Images / Lam Yik Fei

African Rhino Poaching Increases For The Sixth Year In A Row

1:00A wild sea otter and her newborn pup in the Great Tide Pool at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Wild Sea Otter Birth Caught On Camera At Monterey Bay Aquarium

:59Tilikum, orca from "Blackfish" documentary.

SeaWorld: 'Blackfish' Killer Whale Tilikum Dying From Lung Infection

1:08A green hydra waiting to ambush prey
Frank Fox / CC BY SA 3.0 DE

Meet The Tiny, Immortal Hydra, Which Rips Itself Open To Eat

0:52The NOAA discovered this creature over 14,000 below the ocean.
NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

Say Hi To Casper, Potentially The Newest Species Of Octopod

1:21Elephant in Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Getty Images / Cameron Spencer

Report Says African Elephants Are Being Poached At An Alarming Rate

1:23A python snake in the grass.
Facebook / MyFWC

Florida Burmese Python Hunting Challenge Captures 106 Snakes

1:16Bees fly around flowers in a field at Cypress Flower Farm on August 6, 2014 in Moss Beach, California.
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Pollinators Vital To The Majority Of World's Food Supply Are Dying Out

:54Sea Sponge
Dimitris Siskopoulos / CC BY SA 2.0

This Simple Sea Creature Might Have Been Earth's First Animal

1:25A SeaWorld trainer works with Orca whales.
Getty Images / Gerardo Mora

SeaWorld Admits Its Employees Spied On Animal Rights Activists

0:56A gorilla.
Kabacchi / CC BY 2.0

Gorillas Sometimes Hum When They Eat, And Researchers Want To Know Why

1:25Pictures of dogs
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This Year's Most Popular Dog Breeds List Looks A Lot Like Last Year's

1:34A timber rattlesnake, which can grow up to 5 feet in length.
Brian Gratwicke / CC BY 2.0

Rattlesnake Island: Mass. Officials Are Planning A Snake Colony

1:01Pup 719 enjoys her new home at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
Shedd Aquarium

Cute Alert! Rescued Sea Otter Pup Arrives At Shedd Aquarium

1:26Blacktip shark
CC by 2.0 / Brian Gratwicke

The Florida Coast Is Full Of Sharks And Scientists Want To Know Why

0:40A mom breast-feeding at the Melbourne Zoo.
Elizabeth Hunt Burrett

Breast-Feeding Mom Shares Moment With Orangutan At The Zoo

0:47Asian Elephant in India
Thangaraj Kumaravel / CC BY 2.0

Why Are Elephants Wandering Into Indian Towns?

1:21A man kisses his horse.
Getty Images / Julian Herbert

Researchers Say Horses Can Recognize Our Facial Expressions

1:11A little girl poses for a photograph next to a stranded sperm whale
Getty Images / Ben Pruchnie

Scientists Offer Theory As To What Killed 30 Sperm Whales

1:17A rare albino green sea turtle leaves its nest.
Facebook / Coolum District Coast Care Group

Surprise! This Baby Green Turtle Isn't Green At All

1:10Image of Johnny Cash and the tarantula species named after him.
Joel Baldwin / Chris Hamilton et al.

There's A Tarantula Species Named After Johnny Cash

:57"El Jefe" is thought to be the only jaguar in the wild in the U.S.
Conservation CATalyst and Center for Biological Diversity

The Only Known Wild Jaguar In The US Caught On Camera In Rare Video

Megan Coughlin / CC BY ND 2.0

New Deal Protects 85 Percent Of Canada's Massive Great Bear Rainforest

:57Three different species of owls sit on display at Tori-no Iru Cafe on February 23, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.
Getty Images / Keith Tsuji

When Owls Bob Their Heads, They're Not Trying To Be Creepy