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Zach Toombs

Sr. Policy Editor

An old soul working in new media, Zach leads Newsy's Washington, D.C. bureau and makes visual stories about policy, data and people. He's launched several projects and series that received industry recognition, including two Edward R. Murrow awards and an Emmy nomination. Among those projects is Newsy's first-of-its-kind interactive fact check, Check 2016. In the field, Zach has reported from Paris, Havana and across the country on the campaign trail. Outside the office, he enjoys traveling, sailing and a fine cardigan. Follow him on Twitter at @zachtoombs.

  Recent Work
A Ukrainian soldier stands near the frontline.
Getty Images / Andrew BurtonWorld

Ukraine On Edge

Blacksmith Lisa Geertsen works in her shop.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Blacksmith

Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally
Getty Images / Win McNameePolitics

Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Health Care Plan, Explained

Erica Douglas, aka Sister Scientist, mixes chemicals in her factory.
Newsy / Kevin ClancySci/Health

A Woman's Job: The Chemist

A woman browses Facebook.
Getty ImagesPolitics

How Corporations Could Soon Buy And Sell Your Online History

Jason Kander talks about his Let America Vote group
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

'Let America Vote' Counters Trump's Call For Tighter Voting Laws

Anne Briggs and Noor Tagouri out on the farm
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Woodworker

Patrice Banks founded Girls Auto Clinic in Philadelphia
Newsy / Zach ToombsU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Mechanic

Jen Welter coaches at a football camp.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job: The Football Coach

Anne Briggs Bohnett and Noor Tagouri on the farm
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Woman's Job (Trailer)

Then-Sen. Jeff Sessions testifies in the U.S. Senate
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaPolitics

Attorney General Faces Perjury Questions Over Talks With Russia

President Trump addresses a joint session of Congress.
Getty Images / Win McNameePolitics

Putting Trump's Military Spending (And Cuts To The Arts) In Context

President Trump at CPAC
Getty Images / Olivier DoulieryPolitics

Trump Opens His Conservative Conference Speech By Attacking The Press

Conflicted: Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Conflicted: A Newsy Special Report

Trump Tower in Chicago
Getty Images / Scott OlsonPolitics

Trump Businesses' Foreign Debt Could Be A Conflict Of Interest

Promo image for Newsy's 'Conflicted' special report
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Conflicted: A Newsy Special Report

Russian opposition leader Ilya Yashin
Newsy / Matt AnzurPolitics

Russian Opposition Leader Warns Of Global 'Hybrid War'

Syrian family seeking refuge by crossing the Turkish border
Getty Images / Chris McGrathPolitics

Countries With Trump Business Interests Spared From Immigration Ban

Activists hold signs at an anti-pipeline protest at the White House
Newsy / Zach ToombsPolitics

Dakota Access And Keystone XL Pipeline Movements Unite Against Trump

About 500,000 protesters packed the National Mall for the Women's March.
Newsy / Grayson KorhonenPolitics

Here Are Those 'Paid Protesters' Donald Trump Always Talks About

A woman holds up signs at Donald Trump's inauguration.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Donald Trump Is Making America Protest Again

Police guard the Inauguration parade route.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Here's What D.C.'s Inauguration Security Looks Like On The Ground

Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions to Wall Street.
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Unless He Divests, Trump Will Owe Wall Street Hundreds Of Millions

Donald Trump at his January press conference
Getty Images / Spencer PlattPolitics

Donald Trump Falsely Says Most Americans Don't Want To See Tax Returns

Donald Trump's conflicts of interest are unprecedented.
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Donald Trump's Conflicts Of Interest Are Unprecedented

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Getty Images / Hannah PetersPolitics

Russian Opposition Leader Says US Is No Longer A 'Beacon Of Freedom'

Noor Tagouri
Kate WarrenWorld

The Hijab Is A Form Of Expression, Not Oppression

A teacher stands in front of high school students

Americans Aren't Learning Personal Finance Skills

Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally
Getty Images / NewsyU.S.

Donald Trump Says There's A 'Terrible Crime Wave.' There's Not

Postcard with "What now, America?" on top of American map
Andrew LawlerPolitics

What Now, America?