Health Care In America
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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...

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A woman walks on a street in Lebanon
Getty ImagesWorld

Why A Narrow Study On Street Harassment Could Be Helpful Worldwide

A model wears Halal nail polish
Muslim Girl, OrlyU.S.

A Halal Nail Polish Line May Let More Muslims Embrace The Beauty Trend

A family enjoys a water park
Morgan's WonderlandU.S.

A Water Park Is Making A Splash For Inclusivity And Accessibility

An action figure of Sen. Elizabeth Warren being created

Elizabeth Warren Isn't Just A Senator — Now, She's An Action Figure

A girl works at a coal mine in India
Getty ImagesWorld

Child Labor In India Could Be Getting More Dangerous. Here's Why

A naked mole rat picture a part of an anti-sextortion campaign
Canadian Centre for Child ProtectionU.S.

A Group Is Using Naked Mole Rat Pics To Promote 'Sextortion' Awareness

Rapper Xuman prepares for show
Journal RappéWorld

These Rappers Are Delivering The News In Their Own Way

Kids at a center with free breakfast and lunch
Getty ImagesU.S.

How Texts Could Help Hungry Kids Get Free Food

A human "book" and attendee interact at a human library
Newsy / Christian BryantU.S.

The Human Library Movement: Where People Are The Books To 'Read'

Period emoji
Plan International U.K.World

A Campaign Has Been Rolled Out To Make Period Emoji A Thing

A homeless woman in Los Angeles
Getty ImagesU.S.

Homelessness In Los Angeles Is Still A Growing Problem

People work on bikes at the Bike Project in London
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesWorld

Bikes Could Help Refugees Get Started In The Right Direction

A person puts a confederate flag in a fire pit

Why These People Burned The Confederate Flag

Two children affected by inequality in nationality laws
Equal Rights TrustWorld

Citizenship Isn't A Given. Women In Some Countries Can't Pass It Down.

Girls looking at a magazine about menstrual health

Talking About Periods Is Tough In Kenya. But That Might Be Changing.

A woman picks up a can at a food pantry
Feeding AmericaU.S.

Why It Matters What's In Food Pantries

An internally displaced mother with children
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Norwegian Refugee CouncilWorld

Here's Just How Many Displaced People There Were In 2016

Khem Khoeun, Skokie Park District commissioner
Newsy / Ben SchamissoPolitics

History Made: Cambodian-American Woman Elected To US Public Office

Pakistani activist poses with her motorcycle
Facebook / Guliafshan TariqWorld

Women's Empowerment In Pakistan Is Spreading Via Motorcycle

A smartwatch that uses Braille
Dot IncorporatedU.S.

With The Touch Of A Button: The Smartwatch That Uses Braille

Saudi women at a job fair
Getty ImagesWorld

Saudi Women May Not Have To Get A Man's Permission To Do These Things

Kids in Haiti holding soap
Clean the WorldU.S.

This Organization Is Using Discarded Soap To Help Others

A person with closed eyes
Kristina Alexanderson / CC BY SA 2.0U.S.

Going Green Isn't Just For The Living

United Nations aid workers carry supplies
Getty ImagesWorld

Cutting Funding For UN Agencies Could Actually Hurt The US

Two sisters from Syria make rag dolls
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesWorld

Rag Dolls Offer Hope And Memories For These Young Refugee Sisters

Chef Chuck George reinvents military meals
Henry HargreavesU.S.

This Chef Is Upgrading The Look Of Military Meals

A portrait of a survivor of gun violence
Kathy Shorr, SHOTU.S.

These Photos Show Gun Violence Survivors Are More Than Just Statistics

Dance instructors show traditional Native American moves
The StyleHorse CollectiveU.S.

A Native American Tribe Promotes Wellness Through Powwow Dance Videos

A Norwegian woman soldier, part of Hunter Troop, aims a gun.
Norwegian Ministry of DefenseWorld

This Intense Military Program Is Made Just For Women

A shelter with over 900 dogs in Costa Rica
Territorio de ZaguatesWorld

You Can Hang Out With 900 Dogs At A Sanctuary In Costa Rica