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Evan Thomas

Digital Content Producer

Evan covers technology and the Internet and produces all sorts of video content for Newsy and its partners. The Colorado native splits his time between coffee, videogames and bicycling; but has elected to not worry about splitting his music time — instead he just wears headphones eighteen hours a day.

  Recent Work
An archaeological dig in California
San Diego Natural History MuseumSci/Health

When Did Humans Get To America? New Find Pushes Debate Back 100k Years

A worker catches fish in the Everglades
U.S. Environmental Protection AgencySci/Health

The EPA Panicked Scientists With A Warning About Government Shutdown

A poster at the March for Science in Washington, D.C.
Newsy StaffSci/Health

Science May Not Be Political, But The March For Science Sure Was

Marchers for science in Washington, D.C.
Newsy StaffSci/Health

What Motivates People To March For Science?

Collecting plastics in the Arctic Ocean
© Anna Deniaud / Tara Expeditions FoundationSci/Health

The Arctic Ocean Now Has Its Own Garbage Patch

Radar images of near-earth asteroids
NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratorySci/Health

The Asteroids You Should Keep An Eye On This Year

A man running
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Exercise Is Contagious — Especially If You Already Like It

Giant shipworm removed from its shell

This 5-Foot 'Worm' Lives In A Shell And Runs On Sulphur

An octopus on the seafloor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationSci/Health

The Ocean Floor Is Full Of Useful Metals — But Also Fragile Ecosystems

An ocelot crossing sign in Texas
Jeff B / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

A Border Wall Would Be Bad News For Wild Cats

Leafcutter ants
Ross Elliott / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

Ants Have Been Running Sophisticated Farms For 30 Million Years

A robot and its human minders
Getty ImagesTech

How Robots And Humans Can Peacefully Coexist

Karl Jansky and the first radio telescope
NRAO / AUI / NSF / CC BY 3.0Sci/Health

The Cosmic Discoveries We Make When We're Not Trying

Toy man being bitten by dinosaur
Kevin Dooley / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

So How Nutritious Is A Human Being, Anyway?

A flu vaccination, CO2 emissions and an early human skull
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Attacks On Mainstream Science Are Getting Louder Under Trump

Plankton spearing its prey
Dr. Urban TillmannSci/Health

Lowly Plankton Have Evolved Sophisticated Harpoon Guns

Coal in a train car
Getty ImagesBusiness

Reality Check: Energy Jobs Aren't In Coal Anymore

A municipal power plant in California.
U.S. Department of EnergySci/Health

The US Will Battle Climate Change Without Washington's Help

Astronaut conducting spacewalk outside of the International Space Station

Spacewalk Prepares ISS For Commercial Crew

Wrinkled hand of an aged person
Whitizia / CC0Sci/Health

This New Treatment Could Make Your Cells Look Young Again

A close-up of bacteria
Monoar / CC0Sci/Health

Germs Love The International Space Station

Installing solar panels
U.S. Department of EnergySci/Health

Basic Solar Panels Are Now About As Good As They're Going To Get

A laser at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratorySci/Health

You Can Thank Government Research For Most Of Our Basic Science

Earth as seen from space

There's Little Room In Trump's Budget For Climate Science

Fitting a bear with a tracking collar
U.S. Geological SurveySci/Health

Trackers Used To Monitor Animals Can Also Be Used Against Them

Planets orbiting a star
NASA / CalTechSci/Health

How Pi Helps Astronomers Locate Habitable Planets

A laser cooling an atom
Newsy StaffSci/Health

How Lasers Can Create The Coldest Spot In The Universe

Person scratching arm
Orrling and Tomer / CC BY 3.0Sci/Health

Contagious Itching Is All In Your Head

Corals in American Samoa
Zack Gold and Lupita Ruiz-JonesSci/Health

Warmer Oceans Kill Many Corals, But Some Have A Knack For Survival

Engineers in an autonomous car
Getty ImagesTech

Why You'll Probably Never Own A Mostly Autonomous Car