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States Could Soon Choose To Block Some Funding For Planned Parenthood

A new bill would allow states to withhold Title X family-planning funds from health care providers that offer abortions.
States Could Soon Choose To Block Some Funding For Planned Parenthood

Abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, could soon have their funding slashed in certain states thanks to a measure that's ready for President Donald Trump's signature.

An Obama administration-era ruling requires states to give Title X family-planning grants to qualified health providers, even if those providers perform abortions.

We should note Title X money generally can't be used to fund abortions. But anti-abortion organizations have still pushed to cut all types of government funding to groups that offer them.

The GOP health care bill that stalled in the House included a more severe provision that would have blocked Medicaid funds from going to abortion providers.

The recent bill to block Title X funding passed the Senate on Thursday. Two Republican senators joined Democrats in opposing the measure, so Vice President Mike Pence voted to break the 50-50 tie.

The bill now heads to Trump's desk.