Venezuela's Chaotic Protests Leave At Least 3 Dead

The country continues to face major political unrest and economic woes.
Venezuela's Chaotic Protests Leave At Least 3 Dead

At least three people are dead in Venezuela after a day of chaotic protests against the country's government and President Nicolás Maduro.

Riot police and tear gas broke up the massive marches, which were held in response to Maduro's attempt to strip the country's opposition-held Parliament of its powers.

Maduro spent the day addressing supporters at a counter-rally. While Venezuela's Supreme Court restored power to the country's legislature, the nation s still facing major political unrest and economic woes. 

Two of the deaths include a 17-year-old shot in the country's capital of Caracas and a 23-year-old killed in the city of San Cristóbal. Disputed reports blame pro-government militias for the deaths.

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