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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...
An artist's rendering of Parker Solar Probe

NASA's Solar Probe Will 'Touch The Sun' From 4 Million Miles Away

Scientists will investigate how the corona reaches blistering temperatures, how the solar wind gets its speed and how space weather affects Earth.


0:52NASA flyover photo of the Arctic
Getty Images

The Arctic Is Hiding Something That Could Heat Up Earth

1:18A security camera in Philadelphia
Getty Images / Mark Makela

Facial Recognition Systems Can Identify Criminals, But Do They Work?

1:00NASA astronaut performing spacewalk

NASA's Next Astronaut Class May Not Be Going Anywhere For A While

1:02Waves break on a beach in California
Getty Images

Our Oceans Have A Lot Of Untapped Energy For The Taking

1:04AlphaGo plays Lee Se-Dol in a game of Go
Getty Images / Kim Min-Hee

Losing Games To Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Humanity Advance

1:31Egyptian mummy sarcophagus
Jeff Cubina / CC by 3.0

Mummy DNA Might Help End A Decades-Old Debate

1:06An artist's rendering of the Extremely Large Telescope.
European Southern Observatory

The World's Largest Optical Telescope Is Coming Together

0:50A multirotor drone flying at a trade fair
Getty Images

Hobbyists No Longer Need To Register Drones With The US Government

0:54Electron Rocket takes off
Rocket Lab

This Small, 3-D Printed Rocket Could Make It Easier To Get To Space

0:47Marijuana plant

Cannabis Chemical Could Help Children With Severe Epilepsy Disorder

0:55An adult flamingo standing amongst chicks
Getty Images / Blazquez Dominguez

Scientists Tackle The Big Question: How Flamingos Sleep On One Leg

1:04Juno spacecraft flying by Jupiter

Juno's First Results Show Us Jupiter Is One Seriously Angry Giant

1:09A tray of fish on display
Getty Images / Ahmad Khateib

A Company's Plan To Fix Fisheries Has Scientists Feeling Skeptical

1:28Blue Whale in the water
Silverback Films / BBC

Blue Whales Weren't Always The Giants They Are Today

0:45Eastern black rhinoceros grazing in field
Michelle Gadd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / CC BY 2.0

The Eastern Black Rhinoceros Has Officially Returned To Rwanda

1:02Person stands in front of Instagram sign
Getty Images

Instagram Might Not Be Great For Young People's Mental Health

1:29Collapsed permafrost
U.S. Geological Survey

Climate Change Is Melting The Arctic Ice Out From Under Our Buildings

0:39Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano captured from the International Space Station
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

How And Why Do We Study The Deadly Phenomenon Of Volcanic Lightning?

0:56Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want To Be Your Next Politician

Getty Images

America's Trees Are Trying To Outrun Threats By Heading North And West

1:08A car in "Grand Theft Auto V"
Twitch / Sentdex

An AI Is Learning To Drive In 'Grand Theft Auto.' It's Going ... Great

1:29The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle
Noway's Ministry of Agriculture and Food / CC BY ND 2.0

Melting Arctic Ice Jeopardizes Humanity's Plant Backup Plan

0:50Bags of donated blood
Getty Images

A Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Solve The Blood Donor Problem

1:23An employee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / James Gathany

Trump's Federal Hiring Freeze Might Still Affect Hundreds Of CDC Jobs

0:53Inside the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
NASA / Kennedy Space Center

What's Better Than Going To Space? Being In The Astronaut Hall Of Fame

2:26A virtual reality therapy game
Newsy Staff

How Virtual Therapy Can Lead To Real-World Healing

0:57Headstones at Presidio National Cemetery
Getty Images

About Half Of All Deaths Don't Have A Recorded Cause

1:01Operation Crossroads
United States Department of Defense

We Aren't Just Changing Earth's Weather, We're Changing Space's, Too

0:46Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers a speech.
Getty Images

EU Fines Facebook Over $100 Million For Misleading Merger

0:42Moss-covered region in Antarctica
Matt Amesbury

A Greener Antarctica Isn't Always A Good Thing