A cat high-fives a human

Your Cat Probably Loves You. Science Says So.

Common knowledge says cats couldn't care less about humans. Researchers put that assumption to the test.


SpaceX rocket on the launch pad

SpaceX Just Launched A Top-Secret Spy Satellite

Devil's Hole Pupfish, Newcomb's Tree Snail, Fender's Blue butterfly
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A New Bill Could Completely Upend The Endangered Species Act

People's Climate March in Washington, D.C.
Getty Images

Climate March Pushes Back Against Trump Agenda

EPA head Scott Pruitt
Getty Images

The EPA Just Removed Climate Change Info From Its Website

Bikers on the California coast
Getty Images

A New Climate Change Prediction Is Bad News For One State

Car in a concept video for traffic tunnels underneath Los Angeles
The Boring Company

Elon Musk's Wild Tunneling Idea Now Has A Concept Video

Activists protest the surveillance of U.S. citizens by the NSA
Getty Images

The NSA Just Halted A Controversial Part Of Its Surveillance Program

self-folded shapes on display
Rob Felt, Georgia Tech

Self-Folding Origami Could Lead To Self-Folding Robots

Spacesuit being used on a space walk

NASA's New Spacesuit Program Is Way Off Course

Water-splitting materials ready for testing
California Institute of Technology

Copying The World's Greenest Energy From Nature

NASA's Cassini spacecraft

NASA's Cassini Probe Goes Where No Spacecraft Has Gone Before

The websites of Bing, Microsoft and Yahoo are displayed on a computer monitor.
Getty Images

Federal Communications Commission Set To Undo Net Neutrality

in-game screenshot, "CoD: WWII"

'Call Of Duty' Is Returning To Its Roots

Someone browsing outfits Echo Look took of them

Amazon's Latest Gadget Isn't For People With Trust Issues

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

The Infant Killing On Facebook Live Highlights A Broader Problem

Construction robot and 3-D printer
Keating et al.

Future Construction Sites Will Be Full Of Robots

An archaeological dig in California
San Diego Natural History Museum

When Did Humans Get To America? New Find Pushes Debate Back 100k Years

A candidate for the Canadian astronaut corps performs a task
Canadian Space Agency

Canada Is Testing Prospective Astronauts — And It's Pretty Intense

premature baby
Getty Images

Doctors Develop Innovative Way To Save Babies Born Prematurely

Lua, a two-toed sloth born at the Memphis Zoo.
Memphis Zoo

This Two-Toed Sloth Is The Memphis Zoo's Newest Addition

A wax worm eats a plastic bag.
Spanish Research Council

How Tiny Caterpillars Could Help Solve A Huge Environmental Issue

A child is given a dose of antibitoics to prevent trachoma.
World Health Organization

Mexico Is The First Country In The Americas To Eliminate This Disease

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Kate Rubins video conference with Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer
The White House

Trump Wants To Get Humans To Mars ASAP

A worker catches fish in the Everglades
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA Panicked Scientists With A Warning About Government Shutdown

A pilot flies the Kitty Hawk Flyer over a body of water.
Kitty Hawk

You Could Own This Awesome Flying Car A Lot Sooner Than You Think

Astronaut Peggy Whitson

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Keeps Breaking Space Records

Three sea lions
Getty Images

Marine Mammals In California Are Falling Victim To Brain-Rotting Toxin

A graphic of the vast number of satellites and debris orbiting Earth.
European Space Agency

The Risk Of Chain-Reaction Collisions Above Earth Is Only Growing

A poster at the March for Science in Washington, D.C.
Newsy Staff

Science May Not Be Political, But The March For Science Sure Was

Marchers for science in Washington, D.C.
Newsy Staff

What Motivates People To March For Science?