Health Care In America
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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...
A protester holds up his hands as police in riot gear pass.

Department Of Justice Aims To Halt Baltimore Policing Overhaul

The Department of Justice requested a 30-day hold on a consent decree overhauling Baltimore's police department.

  Social Issues

0:57A same-sex marriage supporter waves a pride flag.
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Court Says The Civil Rights Act Bars LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination

1:09Duke and North Carolina play in the ACC Basketball Tournament in New York City.
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With The 'Bathroom Bill' Repealed, North Carolina Gets Basketball Back

1:02Equal pay rally
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Equal Pay Day Is April 4 This Year— Here's Why That Matters

1:26President Donald Trump on the campaign trail.
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A Physical Fight At A Trump Campaign Rally Is Now A Legal Fight

0:53Planned Parenthood supporters
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States Could Soon Choose To Block Some Funding For Planned Parenthood

1:43Bathroom sign
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To Some, North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Repeal Isn't A Repeal At All

2:05The Human Rights Campaign headquarters
Newsy Statff / Kevin Clancy

Human Rights Campaign: 'We Can Still Move Forward' Despite Trump

0:51A lesbian couple hold hands during a gay Pride rally.
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LGBTQ Groups Are Upset The 2020 Census Is Leaving Them Out

1:05Neil Gorsuch speaks during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
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What Neil Gorsuch Could Mean For Roe V. Wade And The Abortion Debate

1:10Rodrigo Duterte and Pope Francis speaking into a microphone
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Rodrigo Duterte And Pope Francis Share A Stance On This Issue

1:03"Power Rangers" poster
Lionsgate / "Power Rangers"

One Of The Power Rangers Is Going To Be Gay

0:42A PSA about intervening to prevent sexual assault
Autumn Worldwide

Here's How You Could Help Stop A Sexual Assault

0:37Billboard by Karen Fiorito in Phoenix, AZ

The Artist Behind This Anti-Trump Billboard Is Getting Death Threats

0:52The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
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Arkansas Is Giving Martin Luther King Jr. A Holiday All To Himself

1:15A Meals On Wheels volunteer loads food into a van.
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Its Funding In Danger, Meals On Wheels Sees Donations Skyrocket

2:24Congressman Scott Taylor in his office.
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This Republican Congressman Wants To Protect LGBTQ+ Housing Rights

1:29New video of Michael Brown in a Ferguson convenience store
Jason Pollock / "Stranger Fruit"

Filmmaker Says New Video Shows Michael Brown Didn't Rob Local Store

1:19a cotton swab used for DNA testing
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Bill Allows Companies To Penalize Employees Who Refuse Genetic Tests

0:50OutVets marching in a Veterans Day parade.

Gay Veterans Group Will Walk In Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade

0:47The Texas State Capitol
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Court Rules Texas' Gerrymandering Diminished Minority Voting Power

0:55Pedestrians walk past an AT&T Wireless store
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AT&T Could Be Discriminating Against Some Low-Income Communities

2:09Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Netflix's "Iron Fist."
Netflix / "Iron Fist"

Critics Are Upset Iron Fist Is A White Guy

0:56Protesters from a New York City march
Twitter / @womensmarch

'Day Without A Woman' Organizers Reportedly Arrested In NYC

0:52'The Fearless Girl' statue on Wall Street
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Wall Street's Newest Statue Is Small But Makes A Big Statement

0:51Women protest in Australia on International Women's Day.
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A #DayWithoutAWoman Prompts Marches, Walkouts And Lots Of Red

6:10Residents in front of Town Hall Apartments
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LGBTQ Seniors Face Housing Discrimination, But Not In This Building

Women's march in Los Angeles
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Celebrating The Women Who Came Before Us

The Statue of Liberty
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The Statue Of Liberty Went Dark For An Hour And Everyone Freaked Out

0:41Donald Trump and a Planned Parenthood sign
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Trump Makes Planned Parenthood An Offer: Abortions Go, Funding Stays

0:41Ben Carson
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Ben Carson Compares Slaves To Immigrants Seeking A Better Life