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A coyote in suburban California.

Wild Animals Are Figuring Out City Life

Animals are evolving to live in cities. They can change their behavior and biology to thrive in a place meant for humans.


1:06Orcas in captivity
Chimelong Group

China Is Starting A Controversial Orca Breeding Program

April the giraffe in her barn.
Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

Meet April The Giraffe: The Internet's Latest Weird Obsession

1:19Hunter reloading gun
PJ Nelson / CC BY SA 3.0

There's A Battle Brewing Over Bullets

1:15Feral pig
Richard Bartz / CC by 2.5

Texas Is Apparently Dealing With An Out-Of-Control Hog Problem

1:10A bumblebee
Skitterphoto / CC0

Bumblebees Are Better Problem Solvers Than We Thought

0:59Forest elephants in Africa
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Richard Ruggiero

Protected Land Isn't Keeping African Forest Elephants Safe

1:08Bao Bao the giant panda
Smithsonian National Zoo

Are Conservation Efforts Really Saving Pandas?

0:51A panda cub
Getty Images

Where To Go To See A Giant Panda In The US

0:50Extinct wooly mammoth is depicted standing on a plane
Rob Pongsajapan / CC BY 2.0

A Form Of Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Might Be Closer Than We Thought

1:12Boxer-great dane dog at animal shelter
Getty Images

A San Francisco Law Makes Rescue Dogs And Cats A Priority

1:04Lemur climbing a tree
Stacey Tecot

Why Scientists Developed Facial Recognition For Lemurs

A bear in a zoo in Mosul, Iraq
Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection

So You Want To Help Animals Trapped In Conflict Zones; Here's How

0:55Two animated pangolins in Google's doodle game.

Google's New Doodle Uses An Adorable Game To Send A Serious Message

1:14Red cockeyed squid in ocean
Kate Thomas

Why This Squid Has Mismatched Eyes

0:54Beached whale
Getty Images

Why Do Whales Beach Themselves? Scientists Have A Few Theories

1:00Lion in a cage
Getty Images

Thousands Of Animal Abuse Records Are No Longer Easily Accessible

0:54Rusty patched bumblebee
United States Geological Survey

Trump Administration Delays Listing Bee Species As Endangered

1:18A regenerating hydra

Watch Hydras Regrow Their Entire Bodies

Puppies in a pen painted like a football field.
Getty Images

This Year's Puppy Bowl Includes 3 Adoptable Pups With Disabilities

1:02Mexico City
Getty Images

Mexico City's Car Restrictions Aren't Working Like They Should

1:08Humpback whale breaching
Getty Images

Turns Out Whales Don't Jump Out Of The Water Just For Fun

0:58Dairy cows in a barn
Getty Images

These Genetically Modified Cows Don't Need Antibiotics

0:42Fiona the baby hippo receives treatment.
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Zookeepers Are Nursing This Preemie Hippo Back To Health

0:51Westminster dog show Irish wolfhound dog in grooming area
Getty Images

Cat People Now Have A Reason To Watch The Westminster Dog Show

1:18A robotic bat
Ramezani, Chung, Hutchinson, Sci. Robot. 2

This Flying Robot Gets Its Agility From Bat Biology

1:29A pig and a human
Newsy staff

Part-Pig, Part-Human Embryos Could Give Us Replacement Human Organs

0:43Red panda
Virginia Zoo

A Zoo Lost Its Endangered (And Adorable) Red Panda

Getty Images

Skittles-Coated Highway Seems Like A 'Stranger Things' Episode

1:26A squirrel
Newsy Staff

Squirrels Are Bushy-Tailed National Security Threats

1:00The first sighting of new Mountain Gorilla babies in the family of Kabirizi
Getty Images

The Future Looks Very Grim For More Than Half Of Our Fellow Primates